Tuesday, 14 November 2006

Back again..

A good half moon has passed since my last entry.. As I mentioned, we have moved into our new office. The boxes were moved the day I last blogged but we didn't actually operate out of the new office until the following Tues pm when the broadband was finally up.. No server yet so we're living on VPN. Troublesome but we'll bear with it willingly - just look at the varieties of food on offer! :p

And within two weeks of indulgence at lunch, I managed to convince myself to do something that I have been procrastinating - jogging in the mornings!

I started last Thurs when I only had to be at work at 930am at a seminar. I kept it up on Sat, and today, I went again and arrived at my workshop before 9am. The timing is perfect. I shall no longer start work at 7+ or 8am every day! I'll jog! :)

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