Wednesday, 18 July 2007

Er, prepare to puke?

Not feeling well and decided to have dinner to comfort myself though I wasn't hungry.

Was looking at the menu when I saw the two girls look at me in a curious way.. Girl A muttered something and Girl B went, "No la!"

Bewildered, I stared at them..

Girl B: You look like someone..
Girl A: A Hong Kong actress.. What's her name..
Girl A: Miriam Yeung! That 大笑姑婆!
mf: O_O
Girl B: Not that one...

They took my order to the kitchen...

Girl B: Charlie Yeung!!
Girl A: Oh ya..
mf: What?!!

Now you tell me, which part of me ~ which part of Charlie Yeung??!

If only I were so pretty..

Source: Google search

Might as well put Miriam Yeung in too - you compare:

Source: Google search too

Look here for other people I look like..

Sito said matched me to Anna Kournikova - how did that happen?!

Conclusion? I think I have a 大众脸 *.*

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