Friday, 6 July 2007

A whole month of non-activity!

Didn't realise the passage of time until I logged in..

Anyway, things should hopefully change for the better, cos I'm finally getting broadband from tomorrow!! Yeah!

Finally, I'll be able to write about my travels, and more little happenings more often, little things like my weeble attempt at an "affair" yesterday..

mf: Uncle, you have a very interesting moustache!
Uncle: Don't fall in love with me...
mf: So sad... I'll just have to try to hold my feelings.. .. But really, very nice!
Uncle: You like my moustache, you're falling in love with me already!
mf: Sighs.. I promise not to fall in love with you.. But can I take a picture pls? Put in my wallet..
Uncle: No, I don't want your bf to be jealous..

And as I left the cab..

Uncle: We will meet again if it is fated!
mf: I will remember you............

Oh, his moustache was curled up in two long round hoops under his cheeks.. Very cute! =)


  1. So did you get your mac after all?

  2. Sigh... yin1 dang4.

  3. A month of inactivity? Great! I'm working now!

  4. Well church is a congregation of saints and sinners, I'm sure church accepted you because you fully qualify for the latter.


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