Thursday, 22 November 2007

Guess what?

I just spent two hours watching 花样少男少女! I even had ice cream during the first hour! Spent most of the time laughing over the show.. Haven't been so relaxed for some time :)

Share something funny..

Kel: *something* pls? (mf could not remember what that was..)
mf: No..
Kel: You're not supposed to say no when someone says "pls" *doe-eyed*

*gasp* Kel doe-eyed me! *.*

Well, I rolled my eyes..

mf: Kel, PLEASE go and die! Hahahaha!
Kel: *so stumped* ..I will but not now *smug*
mf: Kel, PLEASE go and die NOW! *way smug!*

He was asking for it man! :p

Apart from that, had much fun last night with KLK - YX, SY, Na and WX were there too. Had dinner at Village - I like to say vi-leh-ch :p - and drinks at NYDC, just catching up..

Strangely it was like work at some point, when we were talking about customary wedding stuff - I didn't know there was so much involved! Scary... No wonder high singlehood rate and low TFR - and all those complaints on cost! :p

SY came back to start preparations for her customary wedding, which WX might miss due to FC. Na and Kel were very free - holidays season!! YX and I were talking about work cos we faced the same question of "should I stay at the end of my secondment?" Oh well, tough one..

Oh, we talked about taking a mammogram - MAMMOGRAM! Gee, and I had thought we wouldn't come to that until 40 - we are freaking 27 la! And the worst part was, SY and Na said it was more painful for smaller breasts..


Anyway, topics degenerated to how salmon killed themselves trying to return home to breed.. Hmmm... No, I'm not interested in live fish - I prefer fish with wasabi, thank you and goodnight :)

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  1. Sigh, people do not realise the power of "PLEASE".


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