Monday, 26 November 2007

mf is back

Back from a long study trip on 14 Nov. Touched down at 6pm and went to work the very next day. Think I zombied for more than a week until today - slept a grand total of 20 hours over two days last weekend! That's equivalent to some 3-3.5 days of weekend sleep.. Genki genki :)

Oh, I came home to find the sewing machine replaced by a sofa - "present" from Mother haha! Now Sito has a seat when he comes over..

Have been rather busy these days.. In fact, the past few months, as evident from the frequency of my updates here.. Random posts are near extinct now, sighs..

Was in the shower when I thought of something: is my life boring or exciting?

My routine is very simple, comprising work, dating, work, watching my anime (while Sito is on the other end of Skype watching his anime!), work, dancing, work, meet other friends, Japanese, work..

But there are things out of the ordinary too, e.g. dancing (fun yet serious interest), my work sometimes take me overseas (though it's tiring - more details if I have time later), sufficiently frequent leisure travel (guess I'm lucky enough to be able to do that - though not as much as Hup)

At one point, I was so bored of my life that I paid to vent my frustration; I took up a membership at Amore. That was good albeit for a short while. Then I turned to dancing and did both concurrently. Then I dropped gym cos of (lack of) funds and time. The ultimate demonstration of my boredom was to pretend to be a witch - remember my extraordinarily ordinary world? Heh, haven't been thinking witchy thoughts for (quite) a while now, no time or I simply forgot about it? :p

Then there came an upheaval last year when suddenly work became (too) exciting.. It hasn't stopped since.. Just that I'm now on an OD and seriously need to get out.. I find myself needing to run away more often, which partly explains my third leisure trip this year coming up in December - yeah! Amid the craze, we swirled across a dance floor and won four golds, although it has been more than a year since that competition..

I guess mine is an ordinary life, but not really boring, cos there's some hidden excitement (and with it, fatigue) within as well. Perhaps what I need is really a good long rest at home, with my legs on the table (actually I don't do that; I'm very 淑女 one haha!) and Sito somewhere near, perhaps the sofa :)


  1. Travelling is great, specially with great company.

    I think I'm getting old. I simply love ordinary life. :p


  2. oops, gal, i need ur japan itnerary, can borrow anot? im flying off next tues.....gam sian!!

  3. what does OD and FC stand for?



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