Thursday, 21 February 2008

Happy happy CNY =)

Really, cos the fourth generation is coming!! :) Hui is the youngest of our generation and she is already 10 this year. It is timely for more babies :) We'll have two this year - so exciting! :p Think my dear Grams must be even happier.. WT had his ROM last month too - without cutting his afro hair of course! And YQ brought his gf this year - first time after dating for some five years.

Spent the first day like last year. The cousins were chatting in the room with WT taking random pictures with his manual camera when Grams poked her head in and was forced to take a picture with me holding her arm to keep her still =D She was so shy, and felt very very soft, hee! I love this Grams of mine though she had become quite deaf since I saw her a couple of weeks ago.. I had to greet her by almost speaking into her ear. Then she did the same to me and said in my ear, "Geen ni geh zeh ho ang!" Kek?!

This year, we missed Yan - but she called from the UK in the late afternoon and spoke to us. Think I never once called back during CNY when I was away.. Oops.. Anyway.. Dear cousin, shall see you in a few months' time, and yes, with Lim Chee Guan bah kwa!!

Spent the next day very leisurely with Sito. We swam, we went grocery shopping, we cooked, we watched TV, I watched him play Final Fantasy XII. Simple yet strangely fulfilling :)

Although people didn't like to 拜年 on the third day, CY and I did anyway! JT joined us at CY's place. We snapped some pictures of ourselves before I dashed off for tea with KLK. Kok shyly shared his good news :p And credit to him, he didn't 中色轻友 and sent me to PS's house! Brownie points for you la =)

It was like last year again, but this year, ALL the kids could walk and run and laugh and play with one another! TO's daughter finally smiled at me and LH's boy hugged me (cos I gave him yummy stuff; yes, I resorted to bribery :p) - I was happy :) Had a lot of sashimi too on behalf of the three pregnant women.. We were talking baby talk etc (occupational hazard? :p) when attention turned to me..

Mrs PS: So, when is it your turn?
mf: Kek?! Not getting pregnant now lor..
The ladies: No need to get married, just have a baby! :p
Mrs PS: O_O mf: o_O
PS from across the room: What are you all trying to do to her?!

The CNY saga continued one week later when a lot more of us and a few more kids went to RQ's place, which was almost like a trip back to some 50 years ago. His place reminded me of the old clan association where my paternal grandmother was a housekeeper.. Some younger kids were especially fascinated by a vacuum cleaner robot. It looked quite fun and we were imagining WY's cat taking a free ride on it :p

Next was Sito's place. Found him playing FF so I read a magazine and fell asleep :p Slept only four hours the previous night due to work.. Went out for dinner with his family and the food was good! But poor me just couldn't eat much - I have honestly never seen such a big amount of rice left in my bowl =( Think I had only taken two mouthfuls =( I realised that I couldn't eat as much as before this year.. Didn't even snack much - must be age catching up on me ~.~

By right, I should be happy I'm not eating too much but I'm actually worried that I cannot eat much! Not to mention sad cos I love to eat *.* Yes, 女人(可以)是矛盾的 :p

So, end of CNY today.. I like CNY but it is going to be a long wait for the next one man.. But I'm also sure this year will pass very quickly, like last year, as time flies when things are busy.. Think I'll shifting into something worthy of an entry on its own... When I'm next free!

Have a great year ahead! :)

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  1. Hey, saw ur comment on my blog... Guess you're still at KL at the mo, and I'll be leaving for SHA tmr. No worries thou, this new job of mine apparently requires me to come back sg quite frequently, so we shld be able meet up sometime soon.

    Btw, any confirmation whether you can come to my wedding on 25th? I'm doing program now... was wondering if I shld "assign" you any role... :P


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