Sunday, 3 February 2008


It has stopped raining. Sito said it felt like an autumn day. I thought it was just, well, nice.

I have not felt like this for a while. Cool day, just bright enough with the sun peeking through the rain clouds, music from the radio drowning out the noise from outside my room. And I am relaxed; I've decided that for today, work can wait. This is too lazy an afternoon to think too much..

Suddenly remember that I need to iron my clothes. But I'm feeling so lazy today!! Maybe tonight...

In the meantime, I should really finish my book.. And perhaps, if I feel up to some walking, I'll go catch 27 Dresses :)

Really, I'm just ゴロゴロ around today...

Update: In the end, I felt too lazy to go for the movie :p

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