Monday, 28 January 2008

Hyper from chicken briyani

After craving for chicken briyani since that big dinner on my birthday, CY and I finally met up tonight for chicken briyani!!!

But I wasn't too hungry, and knowing her, she couldn't finish a plate :p So we shared a plate of rice and bought two fried chicken legs, AND had an egg prata each.. Oh, we had milk tea to go with the food too :) We really ate quite a bit.. But not as much as at her birthday dinner at Sushi Tei - we ate $70+ worth of food while Kel, YX and I were full at $60... It wasn't just her; it was me too :p

We are 损友 ma :)

So I gave her my Forever Friends bear. It was from my students back in 1999 when I did relief teacher for Further Maths in NJC so it was meaningful to me. I treasured it a lot but it was a very poor little thing cos it never received much love and doting from me. Since CY didn't mind the re-gift and since it was a meaningful gift to a dear friend, I gave it to her - I believe she will give Momo (named by CY) more love than I ever could!

The other day, DC was telling me how she still had her many many soft toys with her, and how her son was like her, doting on little bears and stuff. I had a lot of my soft toys with me too but I had also given a lot away. It is tough being my toys. Only Meh and Eeyore are with me now; Meh sleeps with me and Eeyore sits with me. Since Sunday, my only human-shaped doll also sits behind Eeyore, but it's not something I would hug. Oh, and Mr Bean from Sito gets some human touch once in a while when I need to put a CD in my iMac. I still had a box of toys stowed away at the top of my wardrobe. Even my toys in my office get more attention - at least I would touch Frog Prince and wonder when I would kiss him, if ever, and at least the multi-colour sheep from CY last year gets a little pat from me every so often. My box of toys must be very sad - I should give them all away soon...

To carry on the food story, I had Boon Tong Kee for lunch. I saw a bit of water on the seat and since LH and I didn't have tissue, I just sat down anyway though she told me to go get some from the stall - I didn't cos I was lazy and it was just water.. But no, five hours later, I found two dots of dark spots on my pink skirt, right in the middle of the back of my skirt - soy sauce!!! So I had been walking around looking like I had period stains =( I had to shift my skirt 90 degrees anti-clockwise to move the stain to the side. Then I went into LH's room and pouted :p

Thou shalt not be lazy!

But I usually am not lazy. Yesterday I spent the whole day - sans a few hours when I went dancing - cleaning up my room. I took down my curtains for washing, cleaned my desk, dusted my stuff and changed my bedsheets. When I came home from dancing, I put up the curtains again, tidied my desk, cleaned out (part of) my wardrobe, dusted my drawers under my bed and ironed my clothes, all the time sneezing and sniffing my nose due to the dust. Oh, btw, I received a letter informing me that I was in the control group for the immunotherapy clinical trial, i.e. I had nothing but placebo for a year! Sighs, how unlucky.. So my allergy rhinitis remains.. Had to take Panadol flu to check the symptoms but I still didn't feel too good most of today..

CNY is on the way now. Was in Chinatown with Sito on Saturday and it was so crowded! We walked a bit and guess what we bought? Turkish kebab - in Chinatown! *.* But not bad, was yummy :p I'm quite afraid I would overeat this CNY cos I don't want to get fat!! Then again, I haven't been feeling hungry easily these days - hope I could keep it up and keep the fats away this CNY. Drink more tea! :)

Still feeling quite full from dinner even though CY and I walked it off a bit on the way home - guess not enough walking :p But it was a good walk, sprinkled with anecdotes from the past and a whole lot of stuff that would probably make some people cringe so I shall stop here and go to bed - I'm getting rather excited about going to work cos I think it's going to be a perfect day to start work on my next big thing tomorrow!

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  1. 损友,rest assured i will shower MOMO wif lots of love n care...esp with MIMI around....i will make sure they will become gd friends....n maybe lovers?keke hiak hiak

    let's go for a gd meal soon maybe after klunch? some nice light tea.....kekee.......let's dun eat so resolution in rat yr!


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