Sunday, 13 January 2008

About turning 28

I guess that qualifies me to be in the late 20s...

Happened to look down at my hands yesterday. I have slender wrists - I like. Having nothing better to do on the train, I started to inspect my hands. And I saw things I didn't like as much.

In a nutshell, I am my physical shell is ageing *.*

My hands are dry and wrinkly. I'm getting fat the past few months - a sign of my metabolic rate slowing down?! My bum also seems to be sagging o_O And my signature good complexion is no longer perfect.. My eyes are lined too, age and too many years of knitting the centre of my face together when I laugh - oh but laughter is a good thing so keep that coming =) (and darn the wrinkles?)

I used to think it odd that when we were young, we couldn't wait to grow up and when we did, we couldn't help but try to stop the growing-up because I quite look forward to turning 30 - I'm excited about where I will be, what I will be doing. But I forget that though the heart is willing, the body is but a frail thing that just cannot be as enthusiastic. Now I understand more why some of my friends 怕老.

A bit sad, I guess. Maybe that's why I have been splurging a bit on my face in the past year. I graduated (a little) from $3 facial foam to, well, alternating $3 facial foam with cleansing milk from Amore. I also have a good detoxifying mask and a good scrub.. From Hazeline Snow moisturiser, I switched to Biotherm Aquasource. The worst was when I realised I needed a foundation to even out my skin tone some time in August.. Sighs..


That was taken on the Sky Ride in Sentosa yesterday. Sito and I had to watch our feet to make sure we didn't drop our slippers! :p

We started at the Underwater World - touched a starfish, let innocent fish swim by our stationery hand, one silly fish even nibbled at my finger! I liked bright yellow fish. The sea dragons were pretty too.. There was one fish with Angelina Jolie's lips - plus botox! Some crabs were cute; some scary.. And the jelly fish just went bloop-bloop.. But the sea creatures were mostly grey and ugly.. And I told them exactly that as we went by: You're ugly *.*

The tickets allowed entry to the Dolphin Lagoon but we were too early for the show so we went to the Luge - can you see the Luge stamp on Sito's hand in above picture? Luge was really fun!! =)

Made it back in time for the dolphin show - the dolphins were pink and made cute little sounds. While the show was enjoyable, I couldn't help but wonder if the dolphins were happy performing.. Especially the oldest of the four dolphin - it was quite fat! Think it must be tough for it to spin in the air *.*

I had a surprise dinner - Sito had arranged for dinner in a cable car :) So we left Sentosa on cable car to Mt Faber where the dinner started with a soup and salad. We were sent to Sentosa and back for the main course, and again sent to Sentosa and back for the dessert and my lovely birthday cake before another trip to Sentosa.. Effectively we went to Sentosa four times yesterday! We were so full at the end of it, yummy! Thank you, Dear - it was great fun =)

Had a couple more celebrations earlier in the week. Met Na on Tuesday, when I took a day off. We had chocolate fondue - very nice and sinful, oooh... Then we went shopping. She bought a flat (:p) pillow and I, a tiny black skirt - I love tiny black skirts :p Na helped me get a discount - thanks! :)

Then it was dinner with CY - a lot of Jap food.. And then it was supper with CY.. While queueing for a drink, we thought toast with eggs would go well with tea. As we waited, our order changed to toast and roti prata with tea instead - every step getting more sinful!! But well, it was good :p Thanks for the bracelet watch, 损友 - I'm wearing it tomorrow! :) And remember, we have to have nasi briyani next time!!

We had a little office celebration on Friday too for the four January babies. Had quite a bit of cake before going for the D&D. Wonder why they call it D&D when the second D obviously doesn't exist... It was not exactly something I would go to had I a choice - never mind that it was compulsory yet not subsidised, there was no liquor - not even beer! We were made to sit through table games and a weird show, which were really better endured intoxicated *.* And it was the same host as last year, who repeated his jokes and games.. The only redeeming factor was sitting next to Shobi and commenting on people's boobs :p And it was fun at the KTV after that. though I ditched them for supper with Sito after a few songs, oops...

Guess that's about it, the celebration of my ageing (D&D aside; just a casual mention :p) - but if this year goes the same as last year, I'll be 29 in no time!!! Yeah!!! :)

Update 20 Jan 2008:
Went out for dinner and drinks with Kel, YX and Moh on Friday, they and WX got me a bottle of SKII miracle water.

"We want to see if it really creates a miracle!"

Grrr! But ok, I am thankful :)


  1. Honestly, I wouldn't wanna turn back time.

    Was at the AMK bus stop during the last trip home, and realised that I found those giggling sec school girls... well, childish.

    Yes they've every right to 放纵 and 挥霍青春 (i rem us do silly things too), but I wanna think that we are wiser after all these years. And that makes us a better person, inside :p

  2. i had a silly thought long time ago.....i wish every person will have 3 chances to turn back to their (chosen) happy times in their whole life for a while......which i know this will not happen!haha...

    actually i miss schooling life a lot..:)


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