Tuesday, 22 January 2008

New voice

Some days ago, Sito pointed out the new voice on the North South Line. Then one day, I heard a rather long announcement in that new voice informing everyone about the tunnel TV between Newton and Orchard. It was so bad that I almost wrote in to complain feedback!

The voice itself was pleasant, but the intonation was a torture on my ears. There was no discernable accent but I wondered if it was perhaps not the Singapore version of accented English, as opposed to Singlish (an amalgamation of available - really! - languages)? As in, what (some) people would consider to be good English?

God bless the day all our kids talk like that.. Time to pack my bags for the Midlands.

Anyway, on English, just want to record my distaste for people who pop by some English-speaking country as part of a whirlwind tour and come back with an (often odd) accent.. Or some kid who studies overseas for a few years and returns speaking like QEII.. Unless of course, the kid has been there since really young - and I really do mean young.. Colleague who studied in NZ since he was 13 didn't come back sounding like an ang moh. There.

Oh, but who am I to criticise these people when poor old mf couldn't even pronounce "probably" and "oligopolistic" without knotting my tongue? And just how do you say "haute couture"?! :p

But I can do "supercalifragilisticexpialidocious" =)

For other words, well, there is Sito! :p

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  1. あっ... Are you Meifeng from Anderson Sec Girl Guides...??? O.O Was searching for "japanese dictionary for DS lite" and ended up at your blog..... Then I saw your photo...

    I'm Christine (your 後輩 in G.G.)... Don't know if you still remember me... Haha.. Think you knew my younger brother (Eugene) too?


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