Sunday, 23 March 2008

Fly me to the moon

Well, almost :p

Can't tell what that is? The Singapore Flyer!

Don't think we were only at the bottom gazing ok...


We looked blue cos the whole wheel was blue for some reason.. I like this photo cos we looked good (:p) and the background was beautiful! Ok, some imagination is required here cos we blocked about 80% of the view..

Views on the other side:

Have I mentioned we had the whole capsule to ourselves?

No need for imagination here cos there were CCTVs!! :p

There were people queueing but we took the Signature Cocktail Flight, which came with, um, two Signature Cocktail drinks, and two glasses to bring home. Not sure if the private capsule came with this flight or if it was because no one else chose this flight that day.. With a number of couples in front of and behind us sharing capsules with many others while we had our own, we - or rather, Sito - had certainly spoilt the market! :p

Thank you, Sito :)

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