Monday, 17 March 2008

Second dance competition

Two Saturdays ago, we took off to KL on Aeroline - quite a comfortable ride. They had movies - watched Transformers and a bit of Tokyo Drift - and served food and hot drinks. Took us just under five hours to get to KL via Tuas. But we almost lost our bags cos we didn't realise we were supposed to take them with us at the customs!!

Anyway, we found our way to Shangri-La, checked in and went to the ballroom to check out the floor. It was big! But we didn't practise until we got ourselves some food at TGIF across the road and even then, we practised in street shoes, just walking through our routine really.

Had a grand eight-hour sleep before we went down for a quick breakfast at a cafe. When we tried to get our number, we realised that we were supposed to get that at 8am - it was past 9am already!! But luckily, Aleena got it for us already.. We were quite blur :p

Did more routine in the room and changed for some real practice in our shoes. My hair took 25 minutes to set! But it was good; not a strand came off for either tango or quickstep :p

The morning segment just ended and the floor was free. We did a few rounds to try the floor for all four dances. Spent some time swirling outside until it was time for the afternoon segment - our segment..


Nerves.. The chill.. Even hunger started to creep in..

Then it was our turn.. Waltz, quickstep, tango and foxtrot, with some rest in between.. We didn't do great for any of them =( Especially tango =(

Prepared for the worst, we were surprised to see we were brought back for finals for the first three dances! Must give our best shot! Foxtrot was apparently a direct finals though there were quite a number of couples, which meant we might not be placed..

Finals for waltz and quickstep went better than the heats, but not tango, unfortunately.. And not lest cos it was right after the quickstep, which left us out of breath - I blamed the music cos I could not "feel the tango".. But anyway, we tried :) We were placed 4th for waltz, 5th for quickstep and foxtrot, and 6th for tango eventually. A fellow dancer told us that he had seen us do way better in the studio, sighs.. And of course, Shifu was like, "It could have been better!"

Anyway, time to relax! I like this picture :)

We bought standing tickets for the evening events cos the sit-down was really expensive.. Went to TGIF (again!) for a quick dinner before returning to the ballroom - in casual clothes and nice hair :p

As the evening passes, my nose turned from bad to worse and we returned to the room to rest a couple of times while the judges were tabulating scores.. But it was fun and very motivating to see the professionals dance! So beautiful - we must work harder! :)

Woke really late the next day. Nose was still bad, and I'd developed a sore throat as well..

Sito was very hardworking ok.. He was working his brain cells..

.. While I slept :p

Then I got hungry..

So we went to Shang Palace for some dim sum. That helped my throat a bit but the soreness returned to haunt me for the rest of the day whenever I had no food going down *.*

Spent a lazy afternoon just reading his Jap text while he carried on working... Still not feeling well and so cancelled dinner with Jo in case I passed the germs to little Lucian.. But we decided we should go out and headed off to this Restoran Oversea - yes, not Overseas - for what was supposedly the world's best char siew. And it was indeed good! And that coming from someone who doesn't really eat char siew, I suppose it's really good? :p

Wandered off a bit and found a shopping mall next to a monorail station. It was somewhat surreal.. And we found a couple of those old weighing machines that used to dot the old Emporium!

I got tired very soon and we went back to watch TV. Rather, I watched TV while Sito continued to work! I refused to think about my work. In fact, my head was too full with mucous to think *.*

*repeat the hotel photos here*

And the very next morning, we left. Not quite sure what to make of this trip. The competition results were a bit disappointing no doubt but it was a good experience, which I think we need. The rest of the holiday... Well, I was ill and Sito was working. A pseudo holiday then, like he said.. Time to plan for the next one! :)


  1. Oh yes the char siew is really great stuff and I don't know if you tried it but their eh... Black Hokkien Noodles is really out of this world too... yum... ;)

  2. Actually after living for 3 years in KL, I don't really understand why Singaporeans tend to be nuts over Black Hokkien noodles in KL. :-P Anyway, indeed, Overseas have really good food. MF, next time you come to KL, I'll bring you to some other great food places. Within KL centre, do try Micasa's Cilantro for a real romantic dinner. There's also this Wanton Mee near Jalan Alor. The stall has character, starting only at 10pm and having to wait for at least 1 hour even if there are no guests. Nevertheless, it's still quite an experience. There's also Yut Kee, Tamarind Springs, Purple Cane Tea Restaurant, Hilton Hotel high tea just to name a few. Anyway, hope to see you in Singapore soon! The next time, we can probably cook at my place ;-)


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