Sunday, 15 June 2008

Busy bee me

It's confirmed - I have 21 pairs of shoes :p

Spent a few hours assembling a shoe wheel and cleaning and packing in my shoes. I'm happy :)

Lugged the shoe wheel back on Thursday while out with CY. It was quite heavy and of course we headed for the cab. But we were unlucky - we were attacked by a cockroach in the cab! Had to keep shifting with the big shoe wheel box in between us to accommodate the scary pest. Good thing we were almost home...

I was very hardworking yesterday - went to help Sito arrange his books etc. But only for a while :p Ended up reading his stuff..

For example, his old 作文簿!

And a new found favourite comic book :)

(Oh, notice my nicely manicured finger? :))

..while he buzzed about his tons of books..

(These are only maybe 20%)

Sinned with a huge supper but no regrets cos I ended up working on my laptop until 5 am *.* Woke at 1.30 pm today :)

I should really start to write about my latest trip.. Later!


  1. guess what! huiling also wants to buy the same shoe wheel! shall go to ur hse one day to take at your shoe wheel with ur 21 pairs of shoes ha

    Hey that taxi trip is really a nightmare.stupid mini cockroach..I'm really worried that it had crawled inside my bag or pants..unknowningly....

  2. hey, where do u get this shoe wheel from? i wanna to consider too! are u sure that this wheel can store 21 pairs of shoes, serious? Can show us a photo pls?

  3. All your fault. I've been waiting for the pink out to come out since January. And now at the last minute they tell me that it's out of stock, having I ordered one online, I settled for a black one. Stuffed all the shoes in. Wasn't as fantastic a product as I thought it would be. Sighz. It's really different when you put YOUR shoes into the wheel, as compared to their picture. Na


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