Saturday, 7 June 2008

Toilet talk

Was in a long toilet queue today but managed to jump ahead two women cos the latest available cubicle had a squatting pan.

Why do people prefer the sitting pan to the squatting pan? Some possible reasons:

1) Too old to squat - that's why Grams has a sitting pan after using a squatting pan for 70 years
2) Floor is usually wetter in a squatting pan cubicle - I try not to think about the nature of the liquid..
3) Some people read while shitting - and it's difficult to hold a book while trying to balance!
4) Simply habitual - I guess many younger people these days grow up with only a sitting pan at home

I have one reason for preferring the squatting pan to the sitting pan in public toilets - I'm not letting my bare silky skin touch something unsanitised for the last 100 s(h)its! And wait a minute, are those spots of water or urine on the seat?!

So, what do you prefer?

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