Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Happy 牛 year!

This Ox year offers opportunities for people to play with words :) I like the banner "牛"转乾坤 seen in Chinatown, which seems rather "ox"picious in this economic climate..

Met CY for lunch on CNY eve. Girly session with lunch and lastminute shopping. Didn't have a lot for dinner though I had quite a bit of snacks that night :p Maybe that was why I slept very late - this must be my latest CNY eve in years!

So yesterday, we gathered in the little flat for steamboat lunch again. Grams and Aunt were busy as usual, soup and meat and fish and more soup and vegetables and prawns.

What was different this year was that we had two new babies!

First was nine-month-old Jovi, who was all smiley - until someone got too close. She was scared! She didn't wail but she cried through pursed lips. So poor thing...

Next was three-month-old Rianne, who was all smiley and let everyone carry her. But I was scared - cos she grabbed my hair =( So poor thing - me..!

Went to watch Inkheart with Sito in the late afternoon - and missed the call from Yan!! Yan, happy CNY!

And today, CY and I visited each other in the morning before KLunch with JT. Our last three songs were Endless Story, 想念你的歌 and If I'm Not In Love With You - yup, same tune :p

For some reason, we were rather tired and sleepy at the end of it.. I was planning to take a nap at home but some relatives were around and they were really loud even with my door closed... So I went on a journey to the west :p

I'm very sleepy now. Maybe I should sleep by 11 pm tonight. After all, 明天要开工了!!

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