Sunday, 25 January 2009

Soaking it in

We started early today yesterday. With java chip frap from Starbucks :p

Settled some admin stuff before heading for a yummy lunch at Min Jiang. But I was such a pig that I got hungry halfway through dance lesson... We shared some bak kut teh nearby - happy cos I hadn't had that for ages! Since Constance and I watched Eternal Sunshine on a Spotless Mind in Balestier n years ago..

Hopped on bus to Chinatown - realised that all these years, we had not taken a bus from that bus stop right outside the dance school! Usually we walked or took the NEL to Chinatown..

Walked the area for a while - must soak in the atmosphere else CNY seems to feel less festive with (gasp!) age..

There were a lot of people and a lot of CNY goodies! I bought some :)) The Lim Chee Guan bak kwa queue was terrible but by the time we finished foot reflexology, it was gone.. Then we realised that the big pieces were gone, just the broken pieces left. No difference to us for personal consumption! We left happily with bak kwa :)

The foot reflexology place was still as good as ever. Two girls attended to us - they were good! And quite funny too.. During the round-up back massage:

mf; Itchy!
Girl: Then get him (gesturing to Sito) to do for you...!

The crowd in Chinatown started to gather en masse and we escaped to..Vivo :p

There was this new National Geographic place. They got some cool stuff, like a lighted globe, fake dissected frog.. Ok, nerdy.. .. It would be fun spotting countries but I'm not sure about the frog..

Had Shin Kushiya for dinner. The tofu steak was so good! And I developed a craving for sushi after seeing the chef make lots of them as we were seated at the counter.. When we finished, YY walked in! So qiao :)

Loitered a little in Page One, looking at magazines and stuff, debating the merits of a shower curtain vs. a dividing door, trying to find the name of the lead character in 笑傲江湖 (but we never even found the book! It was 令狐沖 in any case..), drooling over Japanese recipes (ok, that was just mf)

And I was telling Sito that each of the first characters of Louis Cha's novels could be put together into a poem. Here goes:

Roughly: (from wiki)
Shooting a white deer, snow flutters around the skies;
Smiling, [one] writes about the divine chivalrous one, leaning against bluish lovebirds (or lover)

I used to read his novels during GP lessons :p

And in Oxford, I finished reading Dreams of the Red Chamber and drew up a family tree.. That was quite amazing but..where is that family tree now?!

Anyway, I have digressed from talking about CNY..

This year, with the Budget cycle being brought forward to January/February, I actually have work at the back of my mind. When we get back on Wednesday, it's full swing preparation for the debate! But until then, I have decided that Blacky dopod will not follow me to 拜年 =D

Have a good one!

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