Thursday, 5 March 2009

Buzzing bee

I was very efficient today.

Was in SMU for a course on economics - why didn't I do it in school?!

Anyway, during lunch, I:

1) Collected my JLPT certificate - I passed at 316!!! :)
2) Deposited a cheque - some Medisave refund for my ENT treatment
3) Printed a photo for Hayashi Sensei who would be leaving Singapore this month
4) Checked out two tailors

And all these in one hour! I was so proud of myself that I had Macs for lunch :p

After the course, I checked out a few more studios and finally found one that had some idea of the dance dress I wanted! Not cheap though... Found some online but I'm not confident of buying things I can't try..

Anyway, my efficiency didn't stop there. I went back to Tomato Town and grabbed some quick dinner, bought movie tickets, checked out accessories and dashed home. Comfortably showered and seated by 9 pm :)

Just started this post when I got a call on work - spent an hour of my precious evening on work when I had wanted to organise a lot of things and ideas! But even within that hour, I finished quite a bit of work! Quite proud of myself again :) But no more Macs! For the month!

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