Saturday, 28 February 2009

Seeing the Merlion in a different light

I'm not refering to the lightning-on-Merlion incident today. That, was an unfortunate coincidence..

Now, I've always thought the Merlion fierce and solemn etc. Unsmiling lion face sprouting water through its big white teeth.

Then yesterday, a visit to the Singapore Discovery Centre (side: I discovered Joo Koon MRT station on the way there) changed my view of the Merlion. Forever..


We walked into the theatre and the first thing I noticed was his eyes! A little scary at first but he was actually adorable in the clip! While waiting for the clip to start, I couldn't help staring at him and mirroring his deranged look - then bursting into laughter!

Eh, this Merlion can rap and sing ok.. And he had other expressions that threw me into fits! Suddenly, I found myself liking him :)

So, um, get well soon!

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