Saturday, 14 February 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!


Having beer =p

Took half-day leave yesterday to make chocolate truffles (lucky chap!) but they turned out too soft (oops)

Just found out that somehow I had mis-read six to eight hours in the fridge as one hour....!

Had some leftover ganache from yesterday so I tried to make truffles again just now and yes, they were finally of the right consistency! Oh well, next time..

Anyway, an update on my fringe - it received both good and bad reviews. Sito didn't like it much and was still not used to it. Cousins said nice but it was getting too long. TO said nice too; she has a fringe too - and her husband didn't like it too! YX said "what happened to your hair?!!!!" (yes, there were that many exclamation marks!)

To me, well, I like it - it's such a different me! The last time I had short fringe was 1998, and my hair was not rebonded then so the fringe kind of flicked upwards as it had been growing backwards for the longest time. It was, in short, a disaster! I love rebonding :p

But, my fringe is starting to get irritating - I never knew hair could grow this fast! Need to find a way to clip it nicely soon...

1 comment:

  1. Aye, I dun relli like ur fringe either..u haf nice forehead & growing a fringe just kinda cover it, giving u a darker look. A fringe for u is nice if u r going for Emily the Strange look though


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