Friday, 4 December 2009

At the end of a phase of my life

Well, at this stage, I would say that we are done with the preparations for our wedding celebration tomorrow. If anything is not done, well, I say too bad! :p

I'll probably post details at some point but now, I just want to write about what I'm feeling, or not.

In the past few weeks, we have been busy with packing, moving, unpacking.. As I packed my stuff, I have taken loads of pictures of things I was dumping - no point hoarding. I even took pictures of the market area, where I spent many happy Sunday mornings. And just now when I was packing dinner at AMK Hub, I realised that I probably wouldn't be there as often after today.

Then when I got back, I found that I did not have the same affinity to this flat. Sure, I've lived here since I was a baby. But too many unhappy things have happened here. I only took photos of my room which I did up nicely two years ago.

And with Mother nagging at me and wanting me to do this and that and not do this and that, I was so yearning for tomorrow so that I could be officially out of this place!

Rather negative thoughts for today but they are my thoughts nonetheless.

On a happier note, tomorrow marks the start of our life together!! Can't wait :)


  1. Oh yes. I myself couldn't wait to get out of my house & move in with Alvin. Now, I can't wait for my new flat to be ready so that I can get my very own dog! My mother-in-law is very kind to me but I'll still love to have a place to call my own. Every woman's dream... ^^

    Enjoy your honeymoon!

  2. sob no more traffic light meetups!!! But its ok we can catch up at holland V!


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