Tuesday, 10 November 2009

The slack BTB

Five hours after a huge chocolate muffin (and cafe mocha), I realised that I might need to loosen my wedding gown.

Barely a minute later, I realised the other gown could not be loosened.

Should I be stressed? Then I need more comfort food *.*

Didn't make any effort in keeping trim. Didn't even go to the gym for three weeks cos of nose. I think I'm going to suffer aches when I go again - maybe Thursday.. Or next week *twiddle*


  1. Gal, u look great. I've seen u just abt 3 wks ago. 1 kg loss or gain is not gonna affect u much within these few weeks b4 ur big day. U do need to sleep well though. It's great for the mind, body(skin) & soul.

  2. Suck it up for that 1 day, then breathe out and let it hang loose for the rest of your married life :p


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