Monday, 2 November 2009

From 3 Nov 2003 to 2 Nov 2009

Six years ago, on 3 Nov 2003, I put on a new dress that was rather formal and 大人样, and walked into my nice cosy cubicle in my first workplace, feeling apprehensive yet excited. I remember I had a window behind or in front of me. But that was soon gone when the office retrofitted the space to accommodate more staff.

I sat at a smaller cubicle outside my boss's room for the longest time, during which I was seconded but remained a squatter in the same office :p That is, until the office had to undergo massive renovation. We shifted into the next building and I found a more open cubicle awaiting me.

I barely warmed the seat; after some three months, we moved into our own "home" at the current location where again, I sat outside my boss's room - I planned it so :)

But I didn't stop changing cubicles. We got more staff, and the office underwent its first retrofitting after a year to yield more cubicles and I moved to a cosy corner - plenty of space for my barang.

Then we grew again and I moved into my current room only a few months ago.

And suddenly, amid all this moving (and a whole lot of work!), I found myself wearing the same 大人样 dress going to work this morning. Everything else, however, seemed to have changed.

It was a hectic Monday and I was as usual feeling hassled all the time. But at the end of the day, as I switched off the lights, I was keenly aware that six years had passed by - gone, together with those lights.

Strangely, I didn't feel lighter as I had earlier expected. Perhaps cos the weight was psychological to begin with. Perhaps cos I'm not going anywhere anyway, just carrying on the current trajectory.

But I think I shall not think too much, and just be happy for surviving these years :)

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  1. Congrats on your recently acquired freedom! Heh, it is after all the freedom to leave OR stay ;)

    The good vibes will come, when it sinks in that from now on, when you next come across a fork in the road, you have the freedom to choose which path you take (without getting slapped with a big fine).

    Till then, hope you have a smooth ride!



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