Saturday, 12 September 2015

Baby ZY, the playful-er boy

Just realised that I wrote only once in August! I've been so busy with work - it's OT almost every night; else I'm so tired I sleep early *.* - that I'm missing out on recording my babies' growing! :(

So, what has happened in the past few weeks??

ZY can walk without support already! I was told he could do that in school but it was only on 31 July that I saw him do that at home :) I thought he started walking earlier than ZK but I just checked and it was comparable; ZK was walking at 13 months too.

This was the first time he took more than two steps at home

And again that evening - so happy! :)

And outside too! This was later in August.

And now that he can walk, he's all over the place *.*

Destroy the playmat!

Climb some furniture!

(He has already "graduated" to my desk *.*)

Run all over the shop!

Have I mentioned his teeth? So the same link above said that ZK's upper teeth cut through at 13 months but there is still no sign of any upper teeth for ZY at 14 months and counting! But his lower teeth have come out fully, unlike ZK's which took their own sweet time...

ZY has also developed a temper. I scolded him one evening the week of Teachers' Day, and he refused to let me carry him to bed! Fine, I could have my dinner earlier, hmph!

But when this boy is guai, he's really guai... Like when he's reading..

I like reading!

His sleep pattern sucks though. He keeps waking up at night. If he cries, N goes over. But there are times when he wakes quietly and walks over to our room quietly. Then the mama swings into action to get him back in bed. And in the past couple weeks, it got worse. He wouldn't go down for naps unless some four hours have passed since he last woke, which means afternoon naps are always a struggle.

Before ZY, we always wondered - and feared - what if ZK turned out to be the 文静 one?? Well, that has happened *.* But we're surviving! Even ZY's infant care teacher was saying that he is naughtier than ZK! I'd like to think that they're not naughty; they're just playful... We just have to be patient. One day, he'll be easier, like ZK is now :)

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