Saturday, 12 September 2015

Update on the new helper

I wrote this back in early July and just saw that I never posted it... Edited:

I think I mentioned before that Y had issue staying with the kids in their room due to the aircon, about 26-27 degrees. She spoke of leaving early so we agreed on end July/early August, which was just as well cos her contract would have ended in end September, two weeks before our holiday.

So I was looking around for someone and editing the tasklist etc. And lucky I did cos in late May/early June, she suddenly brought forth to end June! When someone wants to leave, there's no point keeping. So I stepped up my efforts and started interviewing people.

Times are rough. I learnt that those already here had high expectations. Many wanted expat employers. Even off on public holidays. But eventually I managed to find N through an agent with reasonable fees. My last agent quit serving employers and his contact wouldn't have workers until mid July after Hari Raya Puasa.

So a couple of days after Malacca, on 30 Jun 2015, I took leave to send Y onto the ferry to Batam. That night, we realised how nice it was that there was no outsider in the house!

But N came the very next day. A more kampung girl, with all her belongings in a duffel bag. So far, she has dressed decently on her off days, way more decently than Y. She's also more ready to help take care of the kids at night. Just that she can be very blur - lost two mini cups for ZK's multivitamins already *.* But I know we can't have everything.

I still don't sleep through, cos this ZY will still walk over to our room silently so N cannot hear him. But at least, I can easily pass over to her. That helps cos this new job is busy! But I like it haha!

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