Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Detoxing mf

We're back from Spain! For some time... Been busy and taking time to sort through photos and itinerary... And now that I have Google Photos, uploading is so easy I'm picking lots of photos to go with the lengthy post!

For now, I'm slacking with a quick post on.... something which I forgot after a pee *.* but remembered after blowing my nose.... Gosh, that was a lot of mf-ism suddenly?? :p

So my office is no longer at Thomson. Since very late September, I go to Redhill. And Fairprice opened an outlet in the same compound recently and gave all tenants a discount. I ended up with lots of snacks that were more than half gone within a week!

I was appalled and utterly disgusted with myself. I thought I must have an eating disorder and/or addiction. Yesterday evening on the way home, Google told me that it was instinct, that I would reach for food within sight. Ok, but all the snacks are making me fat until I finish them! (No, I'm not giving them up!)

So enters intervention. Google also showed me a detox plan that looked easy to carry out. So I made a quick decision, did some quick modifications and implemented my plan yesterday! Chop right?

Last night, after settling ZY, I packed my dinner into a box for lunch today, and had only a big bowl of clear corn soup for dinner. The original plan online was to fast after lunch for one day, i.e. skip a dinner and a breakfast, and have only water. I don't think I could do that so I went for a light dinner instead.

Disclosure: I also had lots of snacks yesterday afternoon and ice cream at night *.*

But I did better today. I think I snacked a little less in the office cos I drank more water. And after soup this evening, I had a small block of dark chocolate. And I'm still not hungry.

From trying not to snack to detoxing and hopefully even losing some weight, I'm feeling good :)

Now, to more water!!

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