Saturday, 14 November 2015

Random Saturday musings and sleep matters

It's peaceful at home now though it's not a regular Saturday - instead of both kids in child care, I have ZY sleeping at home now as he has a vaccination appointment later this morning.

I sent ZK to school and had a little chat with the infant care teacher. Z came in when ZK was about to leave infant care but she took care of ZY since the beginning. We were talking about the merits of putting kids in child care, especially the part about them making friends. Like ZK who grew up with A and H since infant care time. She was saying how ZY would protect his baby friend, e.g. returned a toy to her when another kid took it.

Went to the market after that to get some breakfast - half-boiled eggs, yum! - and some ingredients for lunch. Bumped into H at the yong tau foo stall with her new helper. She told her that I'm ZK's mummy and gave my legs me a big hug! The warm fuzzy feeling you get from a little girl is kind of different from that from a little boy :)

On another note, I wonder when I could bring ZK to the market or anywhere and he would stand close to me all the time *.*

But ZK has been a pretty good boy lately, though he doesn't like me much for doing what I'm doing - putting him in bed and saying goodnight, leaving him there!

Since last Tuesday, I have not sat with ZK at bedtime, except Friday when Sito and I went out and he got N to sit with him. He came out a few times each evening, smiling, being cheeky, complaining about the scary noise from the camera, etc. Eventually, he fell asleep. One night, he told me nobody loved him cos everybody left the room :( The next day, he said ok when I told him we all loved him very much. Last night, he didn't come out at all.

Eyes wide open as he rolls about

I just haven't been too consistent with ushering him back to his bed when he came to our room in the middle of the night. Maybe twice so far. And he said he didn't like me :( But he stayed in bed. A few times, he went to find N instead of me in the hope that she would stay with him. She did a few times. I gave strict instructions this morning to send him to bed and leave.

But ZY is a different story. He went from dozing off after milk before and during Spain, to rolling into sitting position after having milk after Spain. A couple of times, I left the room and let him cry for a little while to tire him out before I went in again to hush him to sleep. But now he lets me carry him to sleep - he didn't let me do that last time. And when he wakes in the middle of the night, he sometimes finds N, sometimes finds me. A few times, I woke to him crying next to my bed. Or he woke me up by chatting to a sleeping me *.* This boy can talk non-stop *.*

ZY at the door when I left him

Looking at ZK, I know that at some point, ZY will become easier in terms of sleep. For now, well, take more chicken essence? Yucky but I started taking it this week whenever I felt too tired in the morning.

Wondering how long this ZY will sleep for... It's almost time to go for his vaccination *.* I'm super time conscious but now I have to live on rubber time, sighs...

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