Thursday, 5 November 2015

My learning baby

On MC today. Either the cold-cough bug during the holiday didn't fully go away or I caught something new from colleague next to me.. Anyway, while waiting for the meds to knock me out...

My littler boy kissed me for the first time on 26 Sep 2015 - mmm-makh!

Now, how do I draw that smiley with two hearts for eyes...

Awww, really need to draw that smiley!

We find that this boy learns things somewhat faster than ZK, probably cos he has an elder brother to learn from. When I read to him, he can point out the right things when I ask, e.g. 花花, 鸟鸟, happy face! The Sunday before Spain, he said a lot:

1) I was opening the seat belt of his high chair so I went one, and before I could go to two, he said tuuu - what a surprise! I repeated the steps and he said it again. I was so happy :) Though it wasn't me who taught me; must be the school.

2) He pointed at a star and said staaar! I also never taught him that :p

3) I was showing the boys photos from India, partly to show ZK that we were going on road trips in Spain soon. When I asked ZY who the boy was, he put his palm to his chest and said ZY - not 100% accurate but it was clear he was referring to himself. I was so pleased!

4) At Mum's place, Ah Yee was reading to him and said elephant. And he went eli-en!

While in Spain, he could pat a seat and say 坐, and tell me he wanted to 走走 too. Oh, and his two top front teeth grew out quite a bit during the trip. So toothy now :)

Last Sunday, I decided that he should learn how to use a spoon properly so I pulled on the Montessori cap and the raw groundnuts..

Scooping and transferring groundnuts using a spoon

But when we got to the real food bowl, he continued to hit the bottom of the bowl with the spoon *.* Nvm, he's going to playground soon (gosh so fast?!) and he'll have to learn!

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