Saturday, 14 November 2015

Fun weekend with the boys

We were supposed to go to Star Vista for dinner last Saturday and utilised the ice cream coupons from the school - their Children's Day presents. But the washing machine died a sudden death on Friday. Sito and I rushed to Bishan to get a new one that evening and delivery was on Saturday between 6 pm and 10 pm. So our plans went awry. But we have promised ice cream to ZK!

The solution was to go to get ice cream for afternoon tea and come back for dinner at home. But ZY went down for a nap quite late so in the end, I took ZK out on my own.

Smiling his funny smile


"Mmmm, delicious!" *100!

Pony ride!

We went back to Holland Village and got ZK a pair of new shoes! He wanted to try shoes in Spain but he picked out girls' shoes *.* and there weren't much choices in that shop for him. He picked out girls' shoes again this time but we found a nice pair of Mickey Mouse shoes for him - his third pair of MM shoes!

By then he wasn't feeling too good in his tummy - too much ice cream, probably *.* But he still wanted to go to the playground so we did. By then ZY was awake so Sito brought him down.

Papa, blow bubbles!

ZY also liked the bubbles

Then Sito went to pack dinner while I looked after the two boys at the playground. But the wind came and the rain was following so we left quickly. In the end, it didn't rain so Sito managed to get home dry. But ZK didn't feel like eating cos of his tummy. So we fed ZY and put ZY in bed. Then ZK said he was hungry - tummy got ok. Phew! He had some noodles and went to bed.

The next day, we went to the playground again. Just me and ZK as ZY was napping. I made some bubble solution this time but it wasn't as good as the original. Ah well! Went back to bring his scooter when his classmate appeared with his scooter. They had fun scooting around until ZK said he was so tired...

And he rested on the ground! Yucky boy!

Went back for a shower and went over to Mum's place. After their nap, we had fun at Vivocity - we've been there many times but this was the first time we played in the water area at the rooftop!

ZY took off his pants...

ZK wetted his and Mum got him new pants

Stripped both down to the bare necessities!

After a lot of fun, and wiping and cleaning and dressing up again, we had a nice dinner.


Both kids in the trolley!

Don't strangle DiDi!!

Not like that too!!

But they're cool this way :)

The weekend was kind of extended with Deepavali on Tuesday. We had dim sum for lunch - all of us big clan, except ZK who had only porridge. ZY loved char siew bao, just like his mama :)

MehMeh on piggyback and pig in front - thanks to N

Baby MehMeh on ZY 

Showed them videos of Sito and me dancing in the studio and at our wedding - ZY was obviously more interested :) 

We went to Mother's place. For the first time, we tried the playground downstairs - it's so different from the sand pit of my day.

ZY going up a plastic slide - my own slide was concrete ok...

And ZK attempted a wall again...

This weekend is looking fun too, with a good start ytd - we were driving down the ramp when ZK saw Papa at the zebra crossing. We waved bye all the way to the traffic light.

And this morning, I had some time alone with ZY as I took him out for the vaccination myself. Think we haven't been out alone since maternity leave!! He had fun at the clinic, running away from me!! When we got back, I saw Sito and ZK walking back from school so we waited for them at the traffic light to go home together.

On the bus - just the two of us :)

Playing on his own while waiting for his turn to be jabbed, ouch!

PS: He climbed up on his own too!

Now, both kids are napping - bliss for me and Sito :) Be heading out later - happy! :)

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