Sunday, 6 December 2015

"Will you march with me?"

ZK asked me that while waiting for flag-off at Kids Dash yesterday. I wonder why he said "march" instead of "race" or "run" but of course I would!

His tee was still too big for him at XS so I gotta tuck it in.

Papa, ZK, Mama :)

While waiting in the pen

As we walked towards the start line...

ZK and I half ran and half walked the whole 700m, depending on what ZK felt at each metre.. Sito took some videos as he followed us just outside the tracks. Then Google Photos upped it and gave us a condensed video advert-style.

Like we were pro

ZK did it!

His first medal!

His reward was the M&Ms he had been waiting for all week - his N1 teacher gave him on the last day of N1 on Monday as they cut over to the next school year on 1 December.

He was just about to fling the empty M&M packet *.*

Why is my ZK so handsome holding his victory drink and sweaty??! <3 p="">

There was a little carnival so we went for balloons and popsicles before roaming the Kallang Wave mall a bit. We had intended to reach home in time for lunch downstairs but it was still quite early even though we started slightly later than expected.

Juggler offered him his tools in exchange for one of his two balloons :p

The balloons kept falling off the stick so eventually we let the air out of one while ZK accidentally did that to the other.

Posing and saying cheese!

Trying to inflate his balloon unsuccessfully

Drawing with Mama on the way home

Didn't manage to have Sanpoutei which was not opened yet. Went to Xin Wang instead for noodles. And then the poor boy took a nap when we got cleaned up back home - he must have been so beat!

I'm thinking we should sign ZY up when he turns three then wait until they're in the same age category before going again. It was so much work waiting with hundreds of other kids under the hot sun and then doing the 700m! It was also so much work collecting the race pack - not cos it was crowded as I went during off peak but cos you had to walk past all the exhibitors who were all trying to sell you something. I should have shown my race pack more prominently - KIDS DASH. ONLY. I.E. MOTHER NOT RACING SEPARATELY.

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  1. hahaha good for you and ZK! 700m is very long for a 3 year old!


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