Tuesday, 15 December 2015

ZK's first date!

My little ZK had his first date at 3.5yo!

H's mum, A, asked whether H wanted to watch the Snoopy movie, and she said yes, with ZK. Only ZK. So the mummies hatched a plan to have them watch Snoopy together, with us at their sides. We picked Sunday, after their nap, at Clementi which had a good showtime at 4.30 pm.

H is usually quieter in school and at home but I think ZK is a loud influence *.* They were chatting behind us for a while on our way to the cinema. And holding hands and falling all over themselves as neither seemed to want to walk properly! We didn't really hear what they were talking about - first of all, it's kiddy talk; second, the mummies were chatting too!

On the way to the cinema

ZK thought Charlie Brown was Caillou

When we got inside with the booster seats, H was scared as it was dark. She put her hand over her eyes. At my prompting, ZK comforted her by holding her other hand and copied what I said about it getting bright soon. But when it got bright, it got loud, and she had her hands over her ears. So ZK told her there was nothing to be scared of. And then he settled down for his popcorn, courtesy of A, and Milo.

Engrossed in the cartoon trailers

When the movie started, the dialogue wasn't as loud as the trailers so H was able to enjoy the movie. ZK was a little restless though he had his eyes on the screen. Overall, it was quite successful!

After dropping them off - they lived near Mum's place - we met Sito and headed out for dinner downstairs. By the time we got back, ZY was already asleep. Poor ZY had cried when we left him at home. Don't worry, you'll soon be big enough to tag along! Or have your own little mama-accompanied date? :)

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