Saturday, 12 December 2015

My boys sleep...sometimes

Last night, Friday night, was our usual date night. We said bye bye to ZK and left. When we came back and were reading/watching movies in bed, ZK walked in and said, "You're back."

We found it amusing :)

Anyway, I sent him back to bed where he went back to sleep quite immediately. The two of them woke a couple of hours later; one must have disturbed the other. I sent them both to bed. ZK stayed in his bed while ZY fussed a little. Then I told ZY, "哥哥陪你,ok?" He nodded and I left the room.

That was not the first time. Tried that a couple of weeks ago, when I remembered that ZK at ZY's current age would let me leave the room when I told him I had to pee. The pee story didn't work with ZY, probably cos he likes to squat by the potty watching his brother pee!?! I was so pleased :)

Probably the first time I told ZY that his brother would stay with him

But of course this trick didn't work every time, e.g. when ZK was already in my bed, when it was near day break when he wanted milk, when he wanted N instead of me. Still grateful that he would take it at all.

Wednesday night, when I couldn't sleep until 4 am due to the extraction, or reading Twilight when some blood dripped down my throat (!), I heard noises and found ZK walking to N's room. I called out to him and he said he was calling kakak cos mama had blood. Fantastic. Ya, I told him to stay in bed cos I had an extraction that caused me to bleed. I even showed him the tooth. Anyway, I ushered him back to bed.

On rare nights, ZY would come over to our bed first. On rarer occasions, I pulled him up and let him sleep. On one such occasion, I woke a while later to find that ZY had turned 180 degrees with his legs facing me and that ZK was next to me. We all slept for a while before ZY fussed nearer daybreak.

So we're quite used to it that ZK would always come into our room. It's a matter of when. ZY always fussed near daybreak, and on lucky days, that would be the only time. I'm hoping that he could sleep better at night when he transited to one nap this month - he already took one nap last Sunday when I chilled out and let him be when he didn't want to go down for his morning nap. With their nap times finally going to synchronise, we can have more fun in the morning and late afternoon together, yeah!!

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