Friday, 25 December 2015

Staycation for the kids

Our 3D2N adventure last weekend started after the kids woke from their nap on Saturday. The original plan was to ride the MRT to Vivocity to take the hotel shuttle but it started raining so we went on a cab instead.

We passed by a building with a big Christmas tree in front. ZY spotted the star on top and said "star!" before launching into song! His pronunciation wasn't clear but it was clear his version of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. Mama was so proud :)

Check-in at Rasa Sentosa took quite a while, with the young man punching things in etc. And when he was done, he said that there was no room available - that was already almost 5 pm. We were quite pissed and Sito kind of roared at the guy who then quite swiftly gave us a room. Tmd - obviously they have ready rooms!

So here we are! ZK was able to find the room for us after that :)

Only shot of the room - too busy!

Beach time!! :) 

But it was raining when we got downstairs so we headed to the indoor playground instead. There are two - one for older kids WITH MINDERS (!) and one for young kids like ours. Can't wait for them to be old enough to be left with the minders :p

ZY in ball pit looking cute :)

ZK in the ball pit looking naughty!

Papa got to relax one corner...

Our xiao ma on a xiao ma! 


ZK was monopolising the board...

Finally ZY got his turn!

Who's that? So sweet?? 

Let's go for dinner!

Took the Sentosa bus to RWS. I must say the transport in Sentosa is quite good :)

Yup, Korea Town! ZY didn't look too pleased...

In fact, ZY didn't eat much at all. He wanted to go running and chase bubbles and the kids with the bubbles *.*

J-shaped corn tube with ice cream!

My minion and the big minion

Our room didn't have a bathtub so we just washed them down and sent them to bed. We had a cot though, and were so happy that ZY was happy to sleep in it! ZK slept on the big bed with us. And this night, we agreed that it was never the bed; it was the kid - there is never enough space for the parents!!

We watched a couple of half-movies. There was a 白发魔女 show where the guy had 一株香的时间 to find some antidote. He didn't get it but the girl didn't die too - so crappy!

The kids woke at a very decent time, past 7 am! We got down for breakfast around 8 am. The places was full of kids already :p The breakfast spread was very good - there was even a section for kids! So they had their fill of cereals, cakes and milo :) So nice to be able to eat cos the kids were busy with their own food :)

They also enjoyed my prata!

Beach time finally!

ZY didn't like the sand much at first but after I returned from changing, I found him playing with sand! :)

And I got them to bury their feet :p

Saw this lizard on my way out of the toilet!

Took ZY to the shore - he enjoyed the water and sand on his feet!

Pool time!

ZY was the more gungho one...

Love this shot of us with the sun behind :)

Are you ready to learn swimming, my boy?


The place is full of frogs...

Spring roll baby

We decided to drop our original plan of visiting Underwater World for the dolphins as ZK was more interested in the beach and the pool. They dropped quite quickly for a nap after cleaning up before we headed out again. Had a quick lunch at Underwater World - expensive and not nice - before going to Fort Siloso.

To the cannons!

What are cannons??

Sito might have a shot like this one

Peacock on the roof! Spotted another one at breakfast the next day too

This time, we took the cable car

Bird "missiles"? Hoho!

The kids seemed to enjoy the ride :)

Sito and ZK went up the Merlion

ZY and I spent some time wandering nearby...

Killing some flowers...(!)

Took the express to the Beach Station and waited a long time for the tram to get to Palawan Beach. It wasn't that far a walk actually - we walked back *.*

Before the animal show started

Picture with an eagle!

ZY was falling asleep in the bus on the way to RWS but I managed to wake him for dinner at Imperial :p And then, Sito had 一只 ice cream cone 的时间 to get supper for us from the Malaysian street food place!

ZY enjoyed the ice cream we shared...

He decided to just take it for himself!

And ZK loved his of course! :)

We settled them quite quickly again - they were tired enough - and proceeded on our supper while watching Iron Man. Ah, love such a holiday!

Breakfast was good again though prata wasn't as interesting to them today...

ZY was captivated by flies though...!

And the boys had fun on the way back to the room

ZY woke very early so he went down for a nap while Sito took ZK to the beach. I stayed with ZY and finished reading Twilight :p

Sito showed me how he was relaxing

ZY and I eventually went to join them at the pool for a short while. Managed to clean up and check out early.

We took the shuttle out to Vivocity where we had lunch. Then ZK realised we were going home and started crying - he wanted to go back to the hotel!

So it's just me and the non-crying boy with Gingin!

We decided that since we were such good parents over the weekend, we could send the kids straight into the centre :p And then we collapsed amid foot reflexology hoho! Good end to the staycation! :)

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