Monday, 6 June 2016

ZY's second febrile fit

I have been telecommuting most days as (1) Mum is on holiday so I have to fetch the kids myself; (2) Sito happens to be on reservist during the same two weeks; and (3) current temporary office isn't the most conducive.

But today, I had to go to HQ after going through some weekend emails this morning. And less than an hour into the discussion, I got a call from ZK's teacher. I wondered if ZK had a fall or something but it turned out the ZY had a seizure!

Got more details on the cab to school. He had stopped fitting but was lethargic. The fits lasted perhaps two minutes. At first I thought it was ok cos it was a short fit as described by the doc the last time and we had the medicine at home. But I realised he wasn't having a fever so I called 995 to ask and they despatched an ambulance to school. So worried he's developing epilepsy or something...

Then I called Sito to tell him. And then I called N to check if she thought he was feverish in the morning - no - and to ask her about her watch. Coz this morning I happened to be with ZK and saw her check her watch for the time - the light flashed lightning blue for a few times. At breakfast, I was just telling her not to do that again in case it should cause a fit. And gosh! So I found out that it was a new watch with a different light; the last one was warm blue light. Told her she could never use that again.

I got there just as they set up the stretcher. Saw the most pitiful sight of my baby - I found him lying in recovery position on a mattress, covered by his dry towel. I was very shocked to find him shivering! I didn't recall Mum saying he shivered the last time!

I followed the paramedic's instructions to carry him up to the stretcher and off we went to NUH. The poor boy felt warm and tested more than 39 deg. He had a fever!! Instant relief... The paramedic also sponged him and gave him some additional oxygen. But his hands were cold and he was still shivering. I was lying down on the stretcher awkwardly but eventually managed to hold his hands. Then he stopped shivering as much. But he was moaning so pitifully with his eyes closed :(

By the time we got inside, he had stopped shivering and was more awake. He was able to respond to my "are you better?" with his usual "ya". As he turned his attention to the TV, I called the school for more details for the doctor and spoke with the teacher who was there when it happened.

So ZY was fine in the morning, usual lessons and outdoor time. No fever. He was playing some toys at the table when his eyes closed. She thought he was tired as he tended to close his eyes when tired, but then the fits started - eyes rolling back and fists clenching. It took one to two minutes to stop. She caught him so he didn't fall but another teacher had to help call me.

While waiting for the doc, ZY charmed the nurses with his cute pose while watching TV

They put a pee bag on him and a suppository for the fever shortly after that. And the doctor didn't manage to listen to his lungs coz he started crying and wanted to "go there". He simply refused to let me sit. So I carried him for a while. So tiring but my baby so poor thing... We saw a few babies and watched them cry etc *.* before eventually finding a comfortable position where he let me sit while he watched babies.

Then he fell asleep.

A kind nurse brought him some bread and porridge when I asked earlier whether there was a stroller so that I could take him out to buy food. But now, no lunch until he woke. He slept for over two hours, during which I had lunch and did some work. He also stirred but did not wake at all the loud stretcher sounds as they brought kids in and out.

ZY finally woke when I was checking his pee bag. The thing had come off! Lots of pee on the diaper, little pee in the bag. But it did the trick and he was clear of bacteria infection. So we got to go home after his late lunch of bread with butter and jam, which he helped to spread.

Bear bear eat, Yang Yang eat

The nurse who checked us out helped me to look after him while I got the medicine - so nice! And then we went to get a cab but I wandered off in the wrong direction but the helpful staff outside the foodcourt helped me get a cab from there anyway. And ZY was very kind to Mama too - he stood around barefooted while waiting for the cab.

Showered him when we got home and sat down to play toys. Sito got back shortly and we went through the details. It's one thing to guard against febrile fits when he's having a fever, and quite another when the fever is not detected until the fit happens!! Now that we know that he is prone to fits, better be more careful...

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  1. Dear me, what a scary experience! Glad to know it all worked out in the end!


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