Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Mothers' Day and Fathers' Day 2016

This is the first year that both kids are participating in celebrations in schools. And with different celebrations and games for different classes taking place at the same time, it was very challenging for parents - which class should we go??

Mothers' Day celebration, 6 May 2016

Since ZK had me when he was in playgroup, I figured I should go find ZY.

I found him trying to poop *.*

ZK saw me there - his class is on the same floor in the same building. And he was ok with me being with ZY though he asked me to go over later. So understanding!

ZY got hold of a mum's balloon wand

It was supposed to be dress-up day. Some parents dressed up with their kids in story characters. But I couldn't be bothered. In fact, this year, I let them wear uniform, oops..

So I was with ZY for a while until either the principal or a management staff suggested I take ZY to ZK's class. At least another parent was combining kids too. Idea! So we joined ZK for outdoor games. Or rather, just me. Coz while I was tied up with ZK literally - wobbling across the lawn with our legs tied together, ZY was roaming free.

But he participated in the next game of finding pictures that matched those on a piece of paper. In fact, he found more than ZK did!

Look, flower!

We submitted our finds

Source: Centre

Next was painting time! At first, ZY sat forlornly on my lap while ZK was getting excitedly over the stuff in front of him.

Why can't I paint too?

And then I found an extra brush! So they started painting together.

Somehow they started painting their hands *.*

After washing up, we went over to ZY's class for snacks and balloon sculpting by a fellow mum.

Stuffing his mouth!

My sword! *fighting sounds*

I checked in on ZK - happily eating and not even noticing me!

Back to find ZY trying to take over some kid's balloon

When it was time to go, ZK simply told me to go fetch him later though ZY was a little sad... My boys :)

And now, presents time!

From ZY - the hands were drawn because he was trying to make handprints while making this, said his teacher

From ZK - obviously he had lots of help!

And this was a surprise that came through the mail - from ZY

Fathers' Day celebration, 17 Jun 2016

Sito was supposed to go find ZY but it seemed that they had a combined celebration.

My three lovely boys!

Source: Centre

Then they ended up in ZY's class

Papa left ZK's present at the centre...

Source: Centre

It didn't come back in his bag... yet?

But this did - a frame they did on the spot

And the present from ZY - full of confetti strips inside!

And on Fathers' Day itself, the boys greeted Sito loud and clear - Happy Fathers' Day! - kind of early in the morning hoho!!

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