Saturday, 2 July 2016

And ZY is two!

Our little ZY turned two on Monday! Apparently the whole week, he went round saying "me happy birthday, me happy birthday". And when it was his friend's birthday and his teacher asked whose birthday it was, it took a couple of seconds for him to say that it was his friend's happy birthday!

We had a nice long weekend of celebrations for ZY. Well, kind of, since they went to KidsStop on Friday morning - it was centre closure day but I had a meeting that morning.


Since we would be out the whole of Sunday, we thought we would give him his present on Saturday - he got a scooter one year before ZK did!

My happy boys with their scooters in their helmets

Headed down to the void deck to play for a really short while. We thought we could avoid the mozzies if we stayed away from the playground but all of us got bitten quite badly within minutes!

And one week in, ZK realised his scooter was not as tall as his little brother's. Well, ZY's scooter is indeed a better make. So I adjusted his handle bar to the same height.

We went to the zoo on Sunday! The last time we were there, I was pregnant with ZY... This time, I happened to ballot successfully for corporate passes, yeah!

Metres away from the white tigers...

Polar bear! (somewhere inside...)

We took a little break there. I made egg sandwiches for everyone but it would be the first time the boys were getting them so I was apprehensive. I prepared other snacks just in case but to my delight, the boys tried and liked my egg sandwiches :) They were then distracted by fruits but well, it was a good start! I look forward to making more sandwiches for them :)

Oh! Orang utan! Look!

Part of the troop, minus Jiejie and AhYee

As we moved through the Africa section of the zoo, ZK started to smell the animals. And he didn't like it! So while he had wanted to see the giraffes, he backed off once we got there *.*

Had some ice cream amid the smell though!

My boys :)

We didn't go into the kids area as we didn't want ZK's water warts to spread. So poor ZY had no water play as well. But we made a quick stop just outside, at the merry-go-round.

The kids had fun but the adults were dizzy after the super fast ride!

(ZK was clutching an electrical fan, btw....)

Passed by Ah Meng's statue but ZK didn't want to be in the shot.

ZK was tired as he very early so he took the stroller instead and ZY pushed him for a short while

ZY loved the elephant show!

ZK had to retreat from Papa's shoulders to the stroller halfway through the show. He was really quite tired. He fell asleep as we moved out of the show area. It was drizzling a little when we got to Ah Meng restuarant, like the last time! We went straight to the KFC at the entrance/exit for lunch - I finished up the last of my not-too-popular sandwiches while they got the chicken.

ZY minus his pants due to a diaper leak - still so cheeky!

ZY enjoyed his popcorn chicken

ZK slept through lunch but there was plenty of chicken left. I had one, and we kept one and some popcorn chicken for him. Just as well cos he woke at the carpark. We took different cars but heard he had some popcorn chicken on the way back. ZY expectantly fell asleep on the way, and continued sleeping for a while after that. My tired babies :)

And when ZY woke, it was time for the cake! Unlike ZK who was very into Thomas by the time he was two, ZY still hasn't shown any particular liking for any cartoon or character. I gave him a few options and it seemed that Robocar Poli made the mark. So...

Ta-da! But why the shy face??

I showed this photo to AO who said that he didn't seem shy - he looked like he was thinking.... Possible... Like, what's this??

We sang happy birthday and helped ZY blow his candle

We went to Putien at Vivocity for dinner. On the way home, this birthday boy was very high! He kept singing and singing! I now have a very cute recording of him singing 两只老虎 :)

Sito and I decided to do a little celebration for ZY on his actual birthday on Monday. So we got two little cupcakes and steadied ourselves to wake early. But the boys were kind to us and woke at 6.45 am! So we all got up at a decent hour and sang happy birthday to ZY again before they had the cupcakes for breakfast.

Still the same face - until it was time to blow the candles. He was getting the hang of it!

And then we found that Google Photos did a wonderful montage of ZY's birthday. Edited it slightly.

Showcasing my baby turning two!

ZY is now nursing a fever as I type. And a cough and running nose too. Must have caught it from me :( The school notified me at 5.30 pm yesterday so we picked the boys up earlier - lucky I was home earlier from a workshop! The teachers are also very careful with him now - must detect fever before a seizure hits!

Hope my baby gets well soon... Jia you and fight the virus!

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