Thursday, 21 July 2016

Toughest pregnancy

I'm in pain almost all the time.

I enjoyed being pregnant with ZK and ZY, after all that morning sickness of course.

With ZK, it was wonderful all the way with no scary spotting episode though there was the fear of cervix incompetence given a minor surgery on my cervix just a few months before falling pregnant.

Sure, I had some pain in the tailbone at the beginning, and some bad backache. I started experiencing the pain in the muscle or bone or something in the pelvic region between my legs nearer the left perhaps just before I left Evanston at 32 weeks. It made standing on one leg difficult and changing pants and undies was a literal pain. The memory of the pain was stronger in Singapore - wonder if it was the heat... I even took a mirror to my private parts to see whether there was a bruise coz it felt like one *.*

With ZY, scary spotting and bleeding episodes aside, it was quite lovely even though I had a full-time job by then, and even though the pelvic pain started a bit earlier than 32 weeks, and even though I had this new horrible pain towards the end that shot through my legs (or was it just the left leg?) almost every time I stood after sitting for a while. It paralysed me on the spot for seconds to minutes before I could move again.

With monkey, well, I had those scary spotting and bleeding episodes. I had backache for a while. But the worst was the pelvic pain which started way earlier. At first, I felt the pain when I moved or stood on one leg, and it was between my legs right at the bottom left. Now I can feel the pain without moving, and the pain can also be felt on the front left of my pubic bone. In fact, the pain is always there; it's just a matter of severity. There are times when it's so painful I could hardly move. Like after ZK's birthday dinner this year. The soreness is like a big bruise - I never minded bruises but when the soreness becomes severe, the pain is quite debilitating. I'm also worried if the paralysing pain I had with ZY would come back later in the pregnancy..

I also started having leg cramps this past week. They usually happen at night. Not uncommon for my pregnancies. But yesterday, I was going up some stairs when a cramp happened and I just fell forward. So thankful I was going up, not down. And I had colleagues by my side.

On the vanity side, my belly button is now totally turned out. It simply went flat by the time ZK was due and it went flat earlier with ZY. Now, I'm walking around with a third nipple showing in the middle of my bump, yikes. The saving grace is how the boys react to my belly button - they love it! Though ZY would sayang, sayang, and suddenly poke me there. It hurts!

Silly boys pretending to be like me!

And of course, my weight - suffice to say I started on a high. I think I'll hit the big EIGHT this time and be heavier than Sito - it's such a psychological barrier! In the past, I would just eat since I'm getting fat anyway. But this time, I don't have much appetite - a combination of age and the various discomforts I guess... So sad...

But monkey is such an understanding little baby... I often feel tired after exertions, e.g. chasing the boys. I even feel pain in the abdomen from the physical strain. Then I worry about not feeling him move. But the next still moment, he'll give me a good punch or roll to reassure me. In fact, he's downright violent at times! Please continue to be understanding, especially in the sleep department when you're born! :)

Saturday, 2 Jul 2016 - 24w1d

I suddenly realised - from the pregnancy app - that monkey is now over 30 cm big! Gosh - I've been in pain and too busy to keep track of his growth and suddenly, wow! No wonder I look so pregnant now hoho!

Saturday, 9 Jul 2016 - 25w1d

Brought ZK and ZY to the clinic. Was supposed to bring only ZK but ZY wasn't well and couldn't go to school. We only brought ZK into the doctor's room though.

ZK: Are you going to cut Mama?
Doc: Yes *without batting an eyelid*

*.* Then he asked me why ZK asked him that. Well, my little boy thinks that I have eaten the baby and I must be cut to let the baby out!

Like the doc said the last time, we couldn't see the whole of monkey in the scan from now. And with him moving, it was hard to see clear stuff. Doubt ZK registered what he saw as a baby...


I'm in bed right now, just writing. The pelvic pain was pretty mild for most of today until after the kids were showered. And just now, I was lying in bed while waiting for the freshly mopped floor to dry before I got my laptop, and felt the horrible pain. Couldn't move for a while. Sighs... It's likely symphysis pubis dysfunction (SPD), going by the symptoms and Wikipedia. But both this and the last doc didn't seem to think much about it and mentioned possible strain due to baby. I'm thinking if I should go get a referral at polyclinic to see a physiotherapist... Shall read more about it first..

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