Friday, 15 July 2016

Four years of parenthood

As marked by our dear ZK turning four :)

We started with a haircut to make him even more of a 小帅帅

This was the second time he had a haircut in a big boy's chair and he did very well! We got ZY to look at ZK so that he too could have a haircut - this outlet does not have a kiddy chair :p We like EC House coz we can cut the kids' hair in any outlet at the same good price, unlike QB House which effectively chased us out the last time we tried to get ZK a haircut, bah!

ZY in an elevated seat as well but with a kiddy cover

ZK couldn't take his eyes off his Bumblebee!

We promised ZK the toy for his birthday a long time ago. When Sito got the toy some months ago, we put it in the wardrobe where ZK took an accidental peek one day. He asked about it innocently but full of hope that it was for him. We hid it better and told him to wait for his birthday. And ta-da! The Amber is meant for him as well, to complete his Robocar Poli collection but we asked him to share with ZY. So ZY was very happy too :)

Out for a spin with Bumblebee and Amber

And for the first time, I made a cake with frosting!! ZK wanted a "blocks cake" after we eliminated "poo poo cake". There are Lego cakes online but they are either non-yummy fondant or not too good-looking cream cakes. If it's not too good-looking, well, I can make it!! Took a bit of planning and had some help from Ah Yee to get natural food colouring - except for blue which remained synthetic. But it was a good cake! Will post recipe.


After blowing the candle and making a ceremonial cut, ZK promptly removed all but one of the Oreo cookies! Luckily I took one for ZY right after ZK took his first!

ZK got two big Lego sets from Ah Yee and Mum. He spent that afternoon putting together one set. Love Lego - such a good and long way to spend time :p We didn't go anywhere for dinner this time as Sito was having high fever. He had to get better as we were leaving for a short holiday the next day...

So we just came back from a babymoon trip to Bintan Club Med. It doubled up as ZK's birthday treat as well. He loves going to a hotel - read: sleeping in a different place with sand and pool - so guess this was a great trip for him? :)

We came back to this after housekeeping on his birthday and saved the setup for when he came back for a nap :)

And that evening as we walked into the restaurant, the restaurant manager was there to greet guests and I told ZK to tell him that it was his birthday. We didn't arrange anything but he was very nice to prepare something quickly and got the staff to sing a song for ZK. But this ZK was more interested in his ice cream - also from the manager - and a lizard he spotted *.*

Happy birthday my dear boy!

He's still too young to make any birthday wish but I do have a wish - I wish that I could be a better parent to my boys!

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