Tuesday, 5 July 2016

ZY had a fit again!!

I was only glad that this time, I was with him.

Got back earlier on Friday and was working from home when I got a message from school at about 5.45 pm. ZY was having a fever and they would watch him - everyone was on high alert following his fit in school. I asked them to sponge him while I made my way there.

ZY started coughing some time on Saturday, and he woke a couple of times before 10 pm due to the cough. When he coughed himself awake again past 10.30 pm, I gave him some Prospan to relieve the coughing. Then he decided to read his book instead of returning to bed. But the next moment, he wanted to be carried and measured 39.2 deg. I was carrying him while Sito was preparing the Ibruprofen for his fever when I felt his arms twitch.

That was the start.

Cleared the duvet and put him on our bed - his eyes were not really rolled back but were unfocused. Then his arms twitched again and his little fists went to his face and his lips turned black. I turned him to his left while his fit continued. His fists looked like they were rubbing his eyes but his eyes were at best half open. His mouth was a bit wet, probably a mix of saliva and the water he had after Prospan earlier.

Got Sito to bring the fit medicine while I watched the clock. Then realised I didn't know what the medicine was for - to give during or after the fit??! Anyway, we called for the ambulance.

By then, ZY was conscious and muttered something but he was slurring. I got Sito to watch him while I changed and packed some stuff. Tried to give him some Ibruprofen but he took his head - glad he was responsive anyway!

The journey to A&E this time was quite unlike the last - ZY was alert and looking around in the ambulance while lying facing down on me. He didn't speak though.

The paramedic took ZY off me to put on Sito's lap and wheeled them in on a wheelchair while I followed behind. For some reason, one of the paramedics tried to get me to stay outside. Um, no... They'd got his ID and there was no reason why only one parent could follow. And please, I'm a NUH A&E veteran by now *.*

We were given cubicle 3 instead of 4 this time. And while waiting for the doctor, ZY got comfortable with his legs crossed at the ankle and his hands behind his head, staring at the TV. He cried when they tried to take his vitals - he really disliked the thing stuck to his toe. I took the opportunity to make him say something and he did! "I don't want it!" Phew!

We were attended to shortly and ZY was given a suppository for his fever. And after a while, the doctor returned to say that his colleagues heard ZY cough and diagnosed croup. He was then force-fed an oral steroid. Poor baby - he must have got the virus from me :( We were glad to hear from the consultant on duty that the same virus could manifest differently in different children so ZK might not get the same.

So glad we brought his shoes. He walked around a bit and was happy before falling asleep. He slept quite a while in my arms until we were finally discharged. Managed to clarify with the doc that the fit medicine was to stop the fit.

Watching TV holding my hand before sleeping

We all got into bed by 3.20 am. I moved the humidifier to our room when ZY was sleeping. And there we were until 6 plus. So tired!!

ZY's fever continued and kept hitting 39 deg until Monday. So afraid he would have another fit! Most of the time, he was willing to take the medicine. Else we would pour into his milk. Yesterday evening, I threatened to pinch his nose if he didn't take the medicine and he did, "I drink", he said. So cute.. But his temperature went up right after that and Mum and N and I were trying to bring his temperature down just before he fell asleep. My poor baby...

This morning around 4.30 am, he was very hot again and we gave him medicine in milk. But he was happy and fine when he woke until around 1 pm when he got a bit hot again. He refused Paracetamol or milk and went straight to sleep. I sponged him until he cooled down. It wasn't until 5.30 pm that we managed to get some Ibruprofen in him as his temperature went up - YouTube was a good bait!

Wet towel on his hot head, blanket for his exposed belly and cold legs

Went to NUH for a review this morning. The consultant was very kind and reassuring - his breathing was considered fine though it was loud. His super cute voice was also normal for croup. It was ok to not eat much so long as he was drinking enough; she wasn't concerned about his lack of poop. And his fever sounded very viral so we could only monitor him and give medicine when necessary. She reviewed and agreed to how we alternated Paracetamol and Ibruprofen. We were given an appointment on Thursday for a blood test in case the fever persists.

The boy sleeping in his fave position while waiting for his turn to see the doc

Had a pleasant surprise at the fees today. Consultation was $35 instead of $102 and medicine was $3.60 instead of $15. Our subsidies quite good leh...

So now ZY is sleeping. Gave him only Zyrtec since he had Ibruprofen shortly before dinner, which consisted of fruits and a bit of fried egg. He already woke once. Hope he'll only get better from here...

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