Sunday, 17 July 2016

Babymoon and ZK's birthday treat

So we wanted a babymoon. And the best time fell on ZK's birthday week! One stone two birds :)

We chose Club Med at Bintan as it has a Mini Club for age 4-10 :p So we left ZY with Mum and left our hearts wondering what mischief he would be up to (lots!) as we departed for our holiday...

Monday, 11 July

ZK was very excited the whole morning but first, we had to settle their morning routine and send ZY to school. Then it was some final packing before we could set off.

On the way to the ferry with his little suitcase full of toys

Restless while waiting for the ferry to start

Staring as we left the ferry terminal

I kind of dozed off and woke to this as we neared the Bintan terminal

We checked in at the Club Med counter at the ferry terminal, and waited a bit for our bus to send us to the resort. But our room was not ready so after a briefing by the welcome team, they sent us to the restaurant for lunch. We had some time to check out the Mini Club before collecting our room keys.

The room was a short walk away from the main building but there were many stairs *.* Sito found a shorter stairless way on the next day when he was up and about. We found our suitcase outside the room and stepped into a little room with a little TV, a balcony and a bed for ZK!

ZK's bed, which he never used, obviously...

As Sito wanted to rest to get better from his fever, I took ZK out to his favourite activities - sand and pool!

Mama eye-powering in the shade :)

The amazing lure of filling a bucket with sand over and over again...

Selfie for me!

Walked a short distance to get a drink for the thirsty boy

Then I got my feet stuck in the sand on purpose for him to dig me out!

Pool time!

Despite the float, he was still afraid to get into the water. But after a while, he let me carry him. Or rather, I let him hang on to me like a koala bear. And slowly, we progressed to holding hands and holding fingers. But that was it. Better than nothing! I felt good in the water and he was practically weightless in water too.

ZK took this photo and said, "That's a lot of Mama!" *.*

That's us having fun!

We went back to the room to shower and rest for a while. But the boy didn't nap. Sito was feeling better by then. We tried to Skype ZY but that boy wasn't interested!!! Bah.. When it was time, we headed out for a quick dinner.

After a lunch of pizza and fish nuggets, I was glad he had some noodles!

But he got very tired during dinner and almost dozed off. We had a GO with us at dinner and had to leave him early. It was later that we found out that the GOs must dine with guests. We were lucky to get this GO Tohid coz he worked at the Mini Club so ZK had a familiar face when he went to the Club.

It was dark by the time we went back to our room and we were treated to lots of stars :) We all went to bed early.

Tuesday, 12 July - birthday!

ZK woke at a decent time, just past 6 am, which was 7 am Singapore time. He must have been so tired! Then he went to play with his toys while the adults tried to sit up :p

Four years old - so good, can play on his own!

We were all hungry due to the early and small dinner the previous night. ZK had a breakfast full of carbs - toast and cereal loops - before we sent him to the Mini Club. He wasn't terribly keen, not knowing what it was, but when we got there and he saw toys in the room, he just went straight in *.* We said bye and went relaxing :)

But we went to find him a few times that morning, mostly without being seen. The most important one was the first activity - trapeze!

Found our little boy strapped up and waiting for his turn

Climbing up to the trapeze was difficult for him...

Up high with the experts!

ZK was a little scared when climbing up coz it was quite high. We were fine if he wanted to come down instead but he went up with some encouragement. When he was up there, he swung a short while and was let down. He had difficulty letting go of the rod to hold the ropes as he was scared. But he managed. Later he said he didn't like it very much coz it was scary. He was the youngest kid there, as he just turned four. We were very proud of him that he tried it at all :)

He enjoyed the trampoline a lot more while waiting for the rest of the kids to finish. And then we said bye and went walking around again. We went back to find him at the next station - golf but they were just finishing. Their next activity was water play at a 30cm pool so we just let him be.

We were joined by GOs at lunch again and heard that the kids would take lunch at another restaurant when the resort was full. Think he had spaghetti with the kids judging by the stain on his shirt... So we had lunch with no fuss before picking him up back at the Mini Club room. He had a shower and a little nap before we went out to the sand and the pool.

Us at the beach :)

ZK wanted to experience the waves

Happy us at the pool!

Holding on to Papa's hands

After a shower and a rest, we were back at dinner. We were so full all the time!!

ZK telling Papa about his ice cream just before his cake arrived

There were night performances but we never made it as we had to go back to bed. In fact, after his birthday dinner, I was in such pain from the pregnancy (more later) that I could only go back to the room.

Wednesday, 13 July

It was a day that the parents had looked forward to - massage! But first, the kid...

Watching Pink Panther while Papa was doing his morning thing

ZK didn't want to go to the Mini Club at all. But somehow when we got there, he just went in *.* Oh well, good for us! We took a buggy ride to the spa centre and were treated to a lemongrass drink before going in for our massage. First, they soaked our feet and gave us a shoulder massage. Then they cleaned our feet and sent us to the beds. Sito had a 90-min massage while I had a 30-min scrub followed by a 60-min massage. It was gooooood.....

Our seaview massage room

It started to rain before lunch so we took a sheltered route to the restaurant. Passed by the kids' restaurant on the way and had a glimpse of our boy :)

Seemed to be making friends :)

And found him interacting with a GO instead of watching TV like the rest after lunch

Again, shower and nap time. But it was still drizzling at the end of nap time so we lazed around until quite late. By then, we only had time for the sand. Anyway, it was pretty cold to go into the pool...

After meals of junk food like nuggets, ZK had satay!

His fave remained - ice cream, which he had at every meal

Today, we had lunch and dinner without GOs. We were accosted at every meal except breakfast since the first dinner. This day, we decided that we didn't need to make small talk - we're not the sort and not all GOs could make small talk too. So nice to have meals on our own!

Thursday, 14 July

Very soon, it was our last day!! It was very hot in the morning but we had only time for the sand and the pool. The sand was especially hot coz the shelter wasn't much help against the morning sun. Much better in the pool..

Hanging on to Papa in the pool

Having a drink after checking out

With nothing much to do, we sent ZK to the Mini Club where the kids were having their face painted. We left him to sit right outside to relax. But soon he came out with tears - the GO said he wanted us, awww...

I want my Mama...

Dozed off at lunch - the result of waking up at 4.30 am...

We went to the lobby after lunch to collect our boarding passes and to check that our suitcase had been brought out. ZK woke and asked for more nuggets *.* Then a GO came by with a Mini Club certificate for him! We left soon, amid much fanfare by the GOs...

All cheeky while waiting for the ferry!

Today, he told Mum that he liked Bintan, more than that time with the cable car. Ok, point taken. We figured that if we had gone for other Bintan resorts, it could be cheaper than Sentosa anyway... But well, no wistful thinking until we get past monkey's infancy!

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