Monday, 8 August 2016

The grossest pregnancy

I think this is my grossest pregnancy.

In the beginning, I couldn't use shampoo or shower gel coz I couldn't take the smell. So I washed with only water, which was fine for the body but the hair didn't feel so good. Took me some time to find a scent I could tahan - peppermint and tea tree are my saviours!

Then now because of the pelvic pain, I couldn't lift my legs to wash them. And I find it hard to bend over to wash them. So I don't! I figure all that soap running down from the top half of me would do the job. ... It will, right?

And speaking of that pain, it is crazy. Two Fridays ago, I had to blink back tears :( Sito helped massage a bit, which kind of relieved a certain pressure but the pain was not gone. One night, I was going to sit on ZK's bed while settling him when it hurt like crazy and I froze for a while. Last night, it hurt like !@#$%^& when I was shifting a sleeping ZY from my lap to his bed - and he woke so I ended up carrying him while standing up for 30 min. Now I have to sit down to wear pants and just drop them all the way to the floor when I remove them so I don't have to lift my legs - my left can't bear much weight nor can it be lifted up. I'm glad I only need my right leg to drive.

Anyway, I digress...

One recent night, I realised how gross my boobs were. I don't mean they look gross - I'm filling up nicely as my body prepares for breastfeeding. But because my body is preparing for breastfeeding, I'm getting this secretion that isn't enough to drip but manages to form dried bits on the surface so my nipples get crusty over the course of a few days. Usually, they are very dry but that night, they felt damp - great, first they looked like snot; now they even felt like damp snot *.* The outside bit was oxidised so it was dark while the "root" was yellowish like colostrum. I got this with ZY too but not ZK. It didn't mean I had more milk though. Oh well...

But why should I feel gross? After all, I have two little boys - everyone knows that little boys are gross, right? ZK is still eating his own snot; ZY looks set to follow as he discovers he can dig his nose. ZK is licking everything and establishing territories on me using his saliva. And he is forever trying to show me his bum bum; once I found a bit of caked-up poop there after a shower by Sito *.* And of course, they are sweaty boys - now it isn't too bad as the aircon is usually on but when they grow up and do more things outdoors, they'll come home gross just like my brother.

I also look gross with my belly button sticking out... Though the kids love it! ZY usually gives me his face to kiss when I ask him to kiss me. He has finally kissed me twice on the cheeks. In between, he kissed my belly :)

A potentially gross little boy making me feel less gross about my body

Today, I had a prenatal massage at home. I meant to try this company to see if I wanted to take on their postnatal. But I ended up deciding not to do postnatal massage coz I really couldn't stand the gross oily feeling after that! If I can't stand it now, how can I stand it when I'm breastfeeding? It brought back all the yucky feeling from ZY's time. I don't recall being so OCD with ZK though but that might just be memory loss *.* I'm now looking for a long strip of cloth for bengkung wrap now - skip the massage with DIY!

May I have a non-gross postnatal period!

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