Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Pot of poop

I just finished working and wanted to sleep but I couldn't coz there was so much poo poo today!


Coz ZY just pooped into the potty this evening! :))))

Ok, from the beginning.... Sunday evening, he stood just outside the shower area and leaked pee *.* So yesterday, I dug out the potty training books and showed one to ZY after dinner while ZK was showering. He was interested to take off his diapers to pee into the potty. We continued reading a bit more and then he did it! It was a nice pot of hot pee!

It wasn't the first time though - he had always wanted to go pee at Mum's place, with his pants on! But in school, he had really done it before, as he saw his classmates do it. Still, first time at home, woohoo!

Then this morning, I was so tired in bed when he came in. So I asked him to go tell kakak that he wanted to pee in the potty. And he did and did it again! A little bit of baby pee...

Back to this evening, he was having fruits halfway when he wanted to poop so he was doing his usual in his high chair when I asked him if he wanted to go poo poo on the potty. He looked a little confused but agreed anyway. He held the front of the potty and pushed. Nothing. So I told him how the boy in the book would sit on the potty, wait a little... Soon, he made a face, I made a face, and the poop came out - it was so long it broke into two in the shallow potty! Ok, tmi haha!

It was not the first time too - he pooped in the toilet at home some time ago when N put him there as he was having difficulty pooping. He also pooped on the toilet floor before... But this time, he was very aware of what he did. In fact, he jumped up right after he was done, pointed to the poop and said "I poo poo!" repeatedly!

And the next moment, a bit of poop that was stuck to his butt dropped on the floor between his legs *.*

I pushed the big poop down a little so that he could sit back on the potty to pee. And when he was on the potty, I picked up the bit of poop - N offered to do it but I wanted to do this at least once for my baby...

Soon, ZY was done with his little pee, and again, he jumped up and said, "I poo poo and wee wee!" He was so excited and no doubt very proud of himself. We were all very excited and proud of him too :)

I put on his pants - without diapers - and let him finish his fruits before his shower. It's going to be a while before he will learn to go on this own without being asked, but it's a start. ZK started about this age and became dry at night only about six months later - I just checked against old posts here, though the dates weren't too clear - so I know I have to be patient.

Next steps - (1) Help ZY be more consistent in and aware of using the potty, and (2) Encourage ZK to pee standing instead of sitting down so they won't compete for resources, nvm that ZK will then compete with the adults for resources - pee on top of poo!

When ZY wanted to sit on the potty while ZY was agonising over his missing poop that kakak flushed away...! But this is a more or less accurate picture of my vision - ZY to the toilet, ZY to the potty!

Update 24 Aug 2016

So I told ZK this morning that now that ZY was becoming a big boy, he should be a bigger boy, i.e. pee standing up! And this evening, he really did it standing up - he just made it past the height of the toilet bowl :)

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