Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Happy National Day! (And the first whip of the cane!)

We whipped out the mini flags a couple of weeks ago and the boys have been happy waving them around, hitting things with them. Needless to say, very soon, all that was left of the flags were the poles.

ZY watching videos of ND songs holding a pole in his hand

ZK had a gun while doing the same *.*

I was very happy to see them enjoying the songs :) Both of them could sing a bit of "We are Singapore" and ZK in particular had a weird little emphasis on the "ga" in the chorus.. But we always enjoyed singing the song together, especially yesterday on the way home :)

Wearing Merlion prints for school celebration yesterday!

Now ZY thinks that's where pictures are taken - he'd climb up and "take picture!" ever since we did that on Racial Harmony Day

Anyway so we heard loud speakers this morning and saw red and white balloons at the atrium downstairs. Checked Facebook and indeed, there was a ND party downstairs! Must have missed the notice at the lift... Wanted to bring the boys down for a look but ZK decided that Lion King was more interesting. So N and I brought ZY down where we watched young and old sing for a while and clapped along.

A kind auntie gave ZY a balloon sculpture

We didn't have tickets so didn't participate in the games and food etc. Went to the supermarket to get them some yogurt for afternoon snack before packing them home while I packed lunch from the hawker centre. On the way home, I managed to get another balloon sculpture for ZK :)

We all had an early lunch and napped early, else the boys were just watching YouTube, or crying over them *.*

Dozed off in my lap after a bout of crying over videos...

Early nap means early wake-up time. While I lazed in bed a bit more, they burst all their balloons with the flag poles *.* I got up only when it was time for their yogurt - they had it while watching the Olympics. Then while we were all in bed watching more Lion King, we had an accident...

Poor ZK 破相!

Could have been much worse... The kids were arguing over something and ZY hit ZK with the lollipop in his hand - he was holding the candy part. I was so scared it went into an eye! Luckily he missed. But that necessitated a severe punishment - not to mention how he bit all three of us today and kept hitting us, especially poor ZK.

Sito whipped out the cane - we've had it for months but not have a chance to use it. And to think that the first to be caned was the younger boy, sighs! Sito asked ZY to stretch out his hand. The boy held his hands together, looked down and said no. Think I pulled his hands apart and gave the right one to Sito. He just looked solemn, not struggling. Sito tried the cane on himself to decide on the strength. Then.... He missed the small hand and hit ZY's big toe instead! But that was enough - he started crying and holding his toe. Now that both kids have seen the cane at work, we hope the sight would be a sufficient deterrent..

We also educated ZK on the need to protect himself. The instructions are simple - get out of ZY's way when he's holding something in his hands!! Also prepared him for water sting coz our main agenda of the day was pool time. ZK last played there when I was pregnant with ZY, and ZY had only been to the cafe during my maternity leave with him. Glad to see them having fun!

ZY was the daredevil, running around in and out of the water

ZK was less timid today even without the float, walking in the water by himself 

Water guns at the ready.... Fight!!!! 

ZK managed to operate the water gun on his own. I had to think for a while and try it before giving it to ZY *.* While ZK went exploring, this ZY was terrorising Mum and Ah Yee who were seated nearby by aiming his water gun at them. I sat myself further away :p

Sito and Dad took ZK into the male changing room while Mum and I took ZY with us. Divide and conquer! Dinner was a frustrating affair with both boys being cranky. Sometimes I feel really bad making ZK give way to ZY but ZK is much easier to handle and coax than ZY so.. Need to sayang ZK more...

We came home singing in the car again. Towards the end, we sang "We are Singapore" or rather, I did, coz the boys seemed tired. But it was a good end to the day. I hope the boys will grow up loving this country :)

Happy National Day!

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