Wednesday, 24 August 2016

I saw our monkey's face!

Finally, monkey wasn't blocking his face with his hands and the doc got a nice shot of him :)

Who does he look like?

Sito said he looked like ZY at first glance but on second look, he looked more like a sleeping ZK. Mum and N thought he looked like ZY. ZK and ZY, well, I guess they kind of acknowledged this brother? :p

But I like what the nurse said - that he looked like me :)

I didn't recall seeing ZK and ZY so chubby in their ultrasounds. I vividly remember one of skinny ZK. So I just checked and found one of chubby ZK too; the skinny one was a younger one. ZY didn't have many good 3D shots of his face though.

Anyway, I should start from where I left off in July... Oops, sorry, monkey...

Thursday, 28 Jul 2016 - 27w5d

At 12.30 am, I experienced the mother of all cramps - my right calf went crazy on me and the cramp refused to ease despite me leaning on the wall to stretch it out. In fact, the muscle was contracting against my stretch!

It was awfully painful that I kind of panicked and woke Sito to help. He succeeded in easing the cramp after a couple of tries, and applied muscle cream on my calf. So painful...

Thursday, 11 Aug 2016 - 29w6d

I weighed in at 74 kg. I'm supposed to gain about 1 kg every two weeks so I'm likely to hit 80kg *.*

Doc found monkey head-down. I thought monkey had moved too coz the movements felt different starting from a few days before. Doc stressed that he could still move. The position would be more confirmed about 33-34 weeks. Anyway, monkey was shielding his face with his hands so couldn't see anything...

Saturday, 13 Aug 2916 - 30w1d

I was minding my own business in bed when I felt a strong movement on the left. Felt like a heel going by the size :) But now that I think about it, I was probably wrong; his heel must be damn small la! I was thinking of a newborn heel...

Saturday, 20 Aug 2016 - 31w1d

Weekends are always physically tiring. This night, the right side of my front pelvic bone hurt for a while. Luckily my right leg wasn't painful. Else, I don't need to walk already!!

Monkey has been giving me some really strong moves... I felt three strong extensions at the same time - left, right and top *.*

I love foetal movements. They start with such little taps on my cervix that I'm never sure what I'm feeling. Then I become sure that they ARE foetal movements. And things tend to accelerate from there, with bigger and stronger movements. To be honest, I can't remember all the exact feelings from ZK and ZY so I'm writing what I remember from monkey so that I can look back and recall these feelings.. My last baby!

Oh, this morning, I discovered that I was starting to have water retention. I was wearing socks at Pilates class - did I mention I started that on 6 Aug to combat pelvic pain and to help in delivery? - when I saw my ankles. They weren't exactly swollen but they weren't this big before either! At night, I pressed and indeed, there was a depression that took a while to recover, sighs...

Wednesday, 24 Aug 2016 - 31w5d

I weighed in at 75.6 kg - that's more than the expected 1 kg per fortnight!! Granted, I had Macs for lunch barely 10 min before but... Confirmed past 80 kg!!! :(

Actually, I don't think I eat a lot. This monkey doesn't like me to eat. I used to have buffets with ZK and ZY but with monkey, I don't have much appetite and a bit of food makes me quite full. There were times when I had big meals but I would feel uncomfortable after that. I even asked the doc today whether I wasn't eating enough or I was constipated - coz very little poop *.* ZY's poop yesterday was quite the wake-up call - so much more than mine!!!

While I'm sad to weigh so much, I'm glad monkey weighed in slightly above average at just over 2.1 kg :) Grow big and fat, baby!!

On the way home from the clinic, I started feeling a strange soreness. Soon, I realised my butt muscles are hurting from the Pilates class yesterday. My fourth lesson and this is the first time I feel sore. I must be doing something right!! Hoping to start doing Pilates at home on my own as well :)

Felt a sharp pain in my cervix just now. I was just sitting up in bed working when it took me by surprise. Now that I think about it, I seem to have experienced this before. Just checked and indeed, I got it with ZK. Ok, normal! :)

Taking stock...

I realise I still have a lot to prepare. I bought some milk bottles in May before some Robinsons vouchers expired. I ordered a Haakaa breast pump, raspberry leaf tea, confinement shower, ginger gel, confinement lunch just before National Day. Last Friday, I ordered a 20m bengkung and lugged back $400 worth of bird's nest. I still need baby stuff like more bottles, a diaper changing pad, a small mat for the bassinet and random things etc, which I should get when I take leave next month to go Ikea with CY who is on maternity leave now. And then there's the hospital bag etc for the delivery itself.

Trying to be a little more prepared this time compared to last time when I didn't do Pilates and even forgot to read up on delivery. That might have caused him to come out by forceps :( I'm determined to do things better this time. My last baby ok!

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