Monday, 15 August 2016

Me and my hair

My hair has always been long-ish after babyhood, as far as I could remember. But it seems that I get an impulse to cut my hair real short every five years or so. And every time, I love it for a short while *.* I feel like I should give my hair a good treatment.

1980: I was born with a mop of gravity-defying hair

1984-1985: My usual hairdo (I'm sure everyone can tell which is me!)

I loved asking ML to tie my hair into "scorpion". But I always screamed coz it was painful. This is called 爱美不要头发!

1984-1985: Then upon someone's suggestion at age four or five, I agreed to cut my hair this short

30 years later, my younger son thought that was his older brother ^_^ I also thought I looked like ZK here!

1988: By primary school, my image was pretty fixed... (Again, can tell which is me right?)

I was eight - the year I got a huge ulcer on my lower lip, still visible in this photo. My lower lip never stopped being dry and cracked since then, sighs...

But I have a primary three class photo showing me with chin-length hair, i.e. I somehow cut my hair again at age nine. It was disastrous - so bad I don't want to post it! (Actually, I'm too lazy to go dig out that photo from hardcopy albums..)

My hair was all long again by secondary school. I tied it back in a single ponytail, showing no fringe. And my pinafore was too darn long - like over the knee long. Mother refused to hem it for me and I didn't know how to do it nicely. Overall a super nerdy look.

Was that why I cut my hair yet again?? Think I cut it on 端午节 coz I remember Mother brought me to the market salon, which was empty coz "people don't cut hair on 端午节".

1995: But still looking nerdy! And singing in front of 100 people!

That began a period of haircutting... I somehow cut my hair a year later, just before I entered JC. Why? I'm also asking myself now!! It was a shorter bob than above. And I did it again after JC. Why? Goodness knows! I ended up with a horrible passport photo for my first passport.

By the time I started university, my hair was decently long again. And this time, I kept it long until 2002 when I cut AND highlighted it for LNY. My first and only hair colouring job! Didn't like it much though. And no memorable photos worth digging out... Then it was long hair all the way until 2010 with two hiccups in between...

2004: A terrible perm job that got straightened out soon enough

2009: I cut off my fringe!! Don't remember looking so horrid back then :p

2014: Jump ahead a bit - I looked like I had short fringe here but it was my postpartum lost hair growing back out, I think...

2010: I absolutely loved this bob! For two days *.*

2011: It grew out fast enough and coz we were in a cooler climate, the hair at the neck was still a nice scarf!

I trimmed my hair a bit just before ZK was born. But it was still long. I also cut off six inches of my hair while pregnant with ZY. But it was still long.

2014: Shorter long hair

2014: Still love my long hair!

With long hair, I can do things like...

2009: Braid it

2011: Do silly pigtails

2007: Do cute pigtails

2016: But of course, I did it again!

But I was quite pleased with it for a while, which means more than two days. It was only about two or three months on that I started feeling quite pissed with it coz it was growing out and the hair on my neck on hot days was just irritating!

Grown out. Who says short hair is cooler??

So it's 2016 now. I need to remind myself, especially when it gets closer to 2020 at the four- or five-year mark, that I must NOT chop my hair into a bob again!

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