Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Catchy moves

An old song came on the radio on the way to work this morning, and I was reminded of all those catchy moves I knew since I was a child.

The song that did it (of course I heard the Mandarin version on radio)

Still remember back in university, there was a gathering at Sito's place one summer and a group of us went to Ginza, the predecessor of West Coast Plaza. We chanced upon one of those Para Para Sakura dance machine or something, and they guys got me to do it. Um, big fail... A primary school kid offered to take my place *.*

The first I knew - 对你爱不完 also by Aaron - with the hand stretched out and waving

Oh, the hair... The hair!! And of course the hand. And the split. But, the hair!

Don't get me wrong - I couldn't stand him back in 1992. I had my sights on another idol but that's not relevant to this post :p

Another one with memorable hand gestures - 别问我是谁

Back then, there was only the TV. I remember listening to the radio and watching MTVs, copying song lyrics to keep. But it was enough. My class performed to 对你爱不完 and 放心去飞 at the end of primary six. I think it was mass dance for the former and singing for the latter, with a solo dancer at the side.

Fast forward to the era of YouTube, and catchy movements catch like wild fire. Even toddlers can follow them - I mean, how can toddlers be patient enough to wait for MTVs on TV?! Think Nobody Knows and Sorry Sorry - both Korean, strangely. What has happened to Cantopop and Mandopop??! On a side note, I'm sad that I seldom tune in to the radio for years.

This time capsule is still yearning for a couple of karaoke hours to croon those old songs... I have nine more weeks to find time for that!

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