Wednesday, 4 October 2006

Being Singaporean

Suddenly remember I have something to say on this matter. But before I piece my thoughts together, perhaps I could seek some of your views on what the Koreans and PRC Chinese (and maybe others) have asked some time ago in some forum:

1) If there's a next life, do you still want to be Singaporean?
2a) Why?
2b) If not, what citizenship would you like to be born into?
3) Is nationality even important today?

PS: Even if you're not Singaporean, it would be nice to hear from you, be it about your nationality or about being Singaporean..


  1. Probably being shallow here but I its my honest opinions afterall.

    1) Depends on what gender I am in the next life? If I'm borned a female then yes if I'm a male then no.

    2) Because I stressed again these are only my opinions. I feel that men are generally being marginalised in singapore otherwise its great being a women in Singapore these days.

    3) I guess to a certain degree it is, I mean people tend to have a vague concept of what to expect from people when you tell them your nationality isn't it?


  2. i think no matter what race i am, or what country i'm in, as long as i live and have a happy life, filled with a lovely family, plenty of frens, and love, that would be enough. =)

    - tian

  3. well....i felt i want to be a world citizen....i wan to be a liu lang nu.....
    however,i must i say i'm really proud to be a singaporean.....


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