Saturday, 28 October 2006

Visiting Grams

I went to find Grams one day after an external meeting that ended about lunch time. Since I was going to move to my new office soon, I thought I'd find her while I was still working nearby..

Haven't really chatted with her for some time, cos usually the elders were talking and the only communication between the generations was on food. That day, it wasn't too different actually..

Grams: I'll fry an egg for you..
mf: No need, this will do..
Grams: Just chicken with ginger?
mf: No problem! :)

Grams filled my rice bowl with a lot of rice and steamed pumpkin. When she went for another scoop, I almost forcibly grabbed the bowl away :p Of course I didn't cos she heard me say "enough!"

We were sitting about after lunch..

Grams: You want bee lok? ("Milo" in dialect..)
mf: No need :)

Two seconds later..

Grams: Pomelo? There's some on the table..
mf: Really? Ok :p

But besides food..

Grams: How long have you been working?
mf: Three years.
Grams: Oh, so three more years to go..

Grams remember the length of my bond! :)

I realised my Hokkien was getting real bad.. Also noticed that Grams seemed to have aged a bit.. But she is still very cute la, this Grams of mine..

Grams: You're not fat.. until you're old..
mf: *.*
Grams: Then you cannot help it.. See? I have two big layers here..

And she went on to pinch her upper and lower abdomen! I touched - soft :p I guess I could deal with that at her age, and with such a lovely grand daughter, ha!

Her birthday is coming, we're celebrating on 5 Nov, a Sunday so everyone could join in. I learnt that she was born in the year of the pig, which made her 83 this year or 84 going by the lunar calendar. I always thought she was born in the year of the chicken, must have heard wrongly last time.. :p

Went by Polar to chat with Aunt on my way back to office. Uncle and family should be getting the food. Aunt hasn't made plans for the cake yet so I offered to get the cake with Yan. How exciting! :)

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