Saturday, 7 October 2006

Hazy full moon

It was a weird Mooncake Festival this year; for the first time in many years, I didn't walk about with a paper lantern =(

When I stepped out of office last night, I thought I was in the clouds. Smelly clouds. The haze was really bad. I looked up to see a big yellow moon. They said the moon this time was really big - they weren't kidding! But in two seconds, a wisp of cloud floated past the moon. Black cloud ~.~

Waited 30min for the freaking bus. Quite pissed not just cos of the waiting time. It wasactually quite scary alone at the bus stop with the haze floating in the air..

On the bus, I heard from mobile TV that the pollution level had hit 80.

Hung around the shopping centres for a while. Was glad for the late night shopping venues but didn't buy a thing. It was late but the serious shoppers were still fervent. Was in no mood to rub shoulders with them lugging my laptop and a big bag.

Settled in Cartel at Cineleisure. Had a frappucino while I read a report. Decided on a piece of cake too. It was almost midnight when I cabbed down to meet CY with a muffin treat.

The haze was in the CTE tunnel too.. Visibility was quite bad but I managed to make out CY's silhouette as the cab got to her workplace.

A weird Mooncake Festival for her too, no lanterns. We had spent many Mooncake Festivals together, chatting under the moonlight with lanterns by our side. But this year, we couldn't even see the moon when we got out of the cab!

Spent a happy hour chatting at the bus stop before parting. I thought I wanted to jog this morning. But I woke at 7am and saw the haze outside. And the horrible smell. I went back to bed. When I woke, news said that pollution level had hit unhealthy level at 100+. Which meant I wouldn't jog tomorrow too. Getting fat *.*

You may have noticed my short sentences. Feeling quite stoned, that's why. Can't believe it's 5pm already.. Sat is almost gone!

And so few responses to my questions below? I am *sob sob* heartbroken..

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  1. You're tiny, tiny, TINY-you'll NEVER be fat!!!!!!!!


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