Monday, 27 August 2007


Went for my very first 夏祭り last Sat! I went as a volunteer with the 日本語を話す会 but had a lot of fun too!

First, we filled ketchup bottles and poked satay sticks through hundreds of sausages. Then we had 弁当 dinner before donning these lovely aprons and head scarfs...

There were sufficient volunteers so each shift lasted only an hour. We took the earliest shift, during which I bent over yummy grilled sausages and packed them for the never-ending queue for sausages - we were a hot favourite! :)

I was quite an expert, squeezing ketchup and/or chilli and/or mustard over sausages for uncles and aunties and little boys and girls, all the time speaking minimal Jap..



Sito was one of my customers :)

Psst: It was so warm we broke the fan

So many were in yukata! Though many guys looked like they just walked out of an onsen cos their yukata looked like the pyjamas type :p

But the girls were pretty! See this 帯!

We got お好み焼き and found a spot to sit down, watched a couple of performances by local school groups

This reminded me of the 花見 Na and I went for in 上野公園 two years ago...


We walked about after the food and even went for the 踊り - did some folk dancing, and one of them to Chan Mali Chan!! The other song was more fun cos the whole group actually moved forward in a circle as we danced, something that went ドシタドシタ! :p

Passed by little plots of land; sign says plot belongs to grade 1 group 1 :)

Another reads チアラージ.. Challenge? Well, the plant in that plot was a single stalk of sunflower that was taller than us!

Next was 金魚すくり!

結果は失敗だった!残念だけど、we wouldn't know what to do with the fish even if we had caught any!!

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