Thursday, 9 August 2007

Happy National Day!

I didn't watch NDP :p

Watched The Bourne Ultimatum instead :p

Our first movie at AMK Hub!

Oh, but I'm listening to the NDP songs now, check out the first link! Already did my "NS" this afternoon, and last night - no more work until tomorrow! Suddenly remember watching this commercial about NS coming to 40 years this year, and found a website for it.. Actually I like the Singapore story, didn't use to appreciate it much during history lessons 13 years (omg!) back though.. Maybe that's why I love watching NDP live, being in the thick of the celebrations! But couldn't get tickets this year..

But I digress...

Wandered into the arcade while waiting for admission for hall number four. Found that I actually had the tap card for this arcade! Bought it ages ago for the one in Jubilee. It had some credit left so got Sito to beat the moles! Got 35 tickets and exchanged them for three stickers and a cute badge - happy :)

Material things, like my iMac, make me happy, but the mundane things make me happier :) E.g. I'll be happy when this pimple goes away! Going to remove the purifying mask putty now - wish me luck..

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